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 The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)

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The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) Empty
PostSubject: The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)   The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2015 6:33 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #9
"The Woman In Black"

Slowly opening his eyes, Konrad's vision was blurry as his eyes felt like they were rolling around in their sockets. He coughed and realized he was lying face down on top of wooden floorboards spotted with small dots of dried blood from his fight with Romero Romanello. Konrad slowly lifted his hands and placed them on the floorboards, pushing his sore body up off of the ground until he was now in a sitting position. It was now early morning and light was leaking in from a nearby window allowing Konrad to see where he was. He was sitting in the middle of an apartment, there was actually furniture off in the far corners of the room and he was sitting in what appeared to be the living room. Since the furniture was moved, someone could easily perform yoga, do any exercise, or even play a Nintendo Wii without hitting into anything. Konrad realized his hands were tied behind his back and so were his feet, yet he wasn't restrained to anything which was odd.

Tilting his head, Konrad noticed a woman-ish figure standing on the far side of the room staring out of the window where the light was leaking in from, the window overlooked a massive portion of the city of Detroit. "You.." He started to speak but the woman immediately cut him off. "Glad to see you finally woke up." She had a stern tone in her voice, she turned around to look at Konrad.

"Who are you?" Konrad asked, the woman was wearing a black ninja outfit with a yellow shirt underneath it, she pulled down her ninja mask so it revealed her nose and mouth, which ultimately revealed her whole face. She looked quite older than Konrad, yet not as old as his mother. "That didn't really answer my question, miss." Konrad asked. "As of now, you will refer to me as Samantha and nothing more." Samantha spoke, the woman had a beautiful bob cut style hair style.

"Okay, Samantha." Konrad replied. "Mind explaining to me what the hell happened? I remember everything from last night, you ruined my chance to get back at Romanello." Samantha shook her head as she walked over to Konrad, sitting down in front of him. Crossing her legs to mimic his position, she started to speak. "I saved your life, Konrad."

Konrad tried to cool down his temper, she wasn't giving him any information. "How do you know my name?" Samantha gave a sly smile and looked him dead in the eyes. "I'm not the one tied up here, you're the one under interrogation."

"Interrogation for what?" Konrad spat back. Samantha continued to keep her cool attitude as she spoke. "Your Uncle Thomas asked for me to keep a close eye on you, and so I did exactly what he asked me to. You would've made grave mistakes if I hadn't have intervened in your combat with the mob boss, Romanello."

"I had the situation under control before you decided to crash through the window and ruin it all." Konrad retorted. "I had the gun, my finger was on the trigger, I could've ended him and gotten revenge for dozens of families over the course of the past 40 years." Samantha shook her head.

"Thomas was right, you really are naive." She muttered. "If you would have killed Romanello, you wouldn't have gotten vengeance. You would have either gotten murdered by his mobsters the next morning or you would have gotten tracked down by the police and became an enemy of the law." She rose an eyebrow and looked at him as if he were a child. "You would not want that, would you, Konrad?"

"But I would've gotten the revenge, you don't know how much it means to my family." Konrad replied, Samantha cut him off. "I do understand, I was instructed to help you whenever you made a foolish mistake and that's exactly what I did."

"How long were you watching me then?" Konrad asked, to which Samantha replied "Ever since you started your career as a vigilante. Your Uncle knew very well that it was irresponsible of your mother to allow you onto the streets, taking on duties far beyond your capabilities so he instructed me to protect you." She leaned in close. "If you plan on being an official vigilante, then I will train you day after day to be one."

"I don't need protection, ever." Konrad replied. "And I don't plan to become a full time vigilante, I wanted to kill Romero and call it quits. I have school work to deal with, not vigilante work!"

Samantha chuckled. "You're inexperienced in combat. Romanello unmasked you and he now knows who you are. If you happened to walk into your school one day, who is to say he wouldn't get his mob to attack your school?" To which Konrad retored. "I was able to take down Romanello's mob in that shipping yard, and I got close to beating him, I could protect the people in my school if I needed to."

"Wrong." Samantha continued. "Most of the mobsters you interacted with were either killed by their own men, or were inexperienced in combat much like yourself. If you were experienced in the art of combat, Romanello wouldn't have unmasked you in that hotel."

'She's right, you idiot.' Konrad thought to himself. "But, my Uncle Tommy taught me martial arts in his dojo up in uptown Detroit."

"It was only enough to get you by, if you're wanting to become a fully fledged vigilante then you are going to have to train to be one, with professionals." Samantha spoke determinate as she stood up off of the ground in front of Konrad. Konrad looked up at her and looked confused. "Really, who made you a professional in the first place?"

"I'm a ninja from the Academy of Serpents." She replied, thinking Konrad knew what she meant. Shaking his head, he noticed her reaching inside of her ninja outfit and pulling out a white mask. "Hey, give that back, it's mine!" Konrad insisted. She lifted it high above her head.

"If you say you are as experienced as you believe you are, stand up and retrieve the mask that hides your face." Samantha watched as Konrad tried to stand up, only to immediately fall forward onto his chest due to his feet being tied together. He grit his teeth as he struggled to move onto his back, he maneuvered his arms behind his back to try and free them, but they were tied together good.

Managing to slip his feet in between his arms and successfully move his tied arms to the front of his body, Konrad struggled to stand up, jumping up and managing to get onto his feet. Samantha rushed forward and placed her palm on his forehead, pushing forward, she swept her legs and pushed Konrad over, throwing him onto the ground. 'You bitch!' Konrad thought to himself, not saying it out loud since he was taught to never call a female a bitch, especially if she was a ninja.

"You are going to have to work harder than that, Konrad." Samantha replied as she looked down at the teenager struggling to get up. "Your uncle surely taught you something that could help you out, did he not?"

Konrad's eyes widened, realizing he actually forgot most of his Uncle's lessons when in combat with Romanello and his mob. He focused intently as he thought to himself, he remembered his uncle's dojo and the two of them wearing white martial arts gi's. He could see a faint image of his Uncle Tommy laying on the ground in front of a standing Konrad, Tommy lifted his hands and held onto the training mat. Tommy lunged back and placed one foot on Konrad's shin and sweeping the other one towards the back of his shin, causing him to trip.

Konrad lifted his tied hands and placed them on the wooden floorboards, lifting himself up. He quickly shuffled back along the ground and kicked at Samantha's shins, wrapping his legs around hers, he twisted his body and threw Samantha towards the  ground, causing her to drop the mask.Samantha managed to slip out of Konrad's legs and catch herself, she lunged up trying to grab the mask as Konrad pushed up off of the ground and caught the mask with his leg. Spinning in a circle on his back along the ground, he managed to snag the mask and sit back up.

"Untie me please?" Konrad asked with a smirk. Samantha seemed surprised. "Just because you know how to do a simple takedown attack does not mean you are an experienced fighter.

"I realize you're right, and I mainly forget my Uncle's teachings when I was in the middle of a fight, so I figure you might be able to help me, right?" Samantha nodded and shuffled over to Konrad, untying his legs and arms. Konrad made a quick movement to try and pin Samantha down, but she quickly reacted and grabbed onto his neck, slamming him down onto the ground.

"I told you, I'm a trained ninja." Samantha looked him dead in the eyes and Konrad blinked. "Right, so, let's get to training?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)   The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2015 5:42 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #10
"Training Begins!.. Or Does It?"

Spending the next half hour taking a shower and cleaning himself up the best he could from the fight from the night before with Romanello and his mob, Konrad put on a new set of clothes his size that Samantha managed to bunch together. He walked out into the living room of her apartment and looked at the time, it was 7:43 A.M on a Thursday morning.

'Heh, good thing I'm not home right now, my mum would've made me go to school, but instead I'm here hanging out with an older chick I literally met last night.' A sly smile crept along Konrad's face as he continued his thought. 'Wait, I wonder if any of the Aerohawk stuff was real, I mighta gotten drunk and managed to pick this chick up at the bar'.

The humor left his mind as Samantha popped up behind him, tapping him on the shoulder and causing him to jump. She was wearing bright blue jeans along with a yellow and black hoodie, completely changing her appearance from a deadly ninja to just an ordinary woman in her late twenties. "Follow me, you have things to do today."

Konrad followed her outside of her apartment, his mind was racing with possibilities on what the two were going to train on first, what was her training like? Was it easier than Uncle Tommy's training, considering that was simple martial arts? Eventually the two reached the garage at the bottom of Samantha's apartment building and she pulled keys out of her jacket pocket, pressing a button, the lights on a red 1998 Toyota Camry started to blink. The two walked up to it and Samantha pointed at the passenger door, indicating for Konrad to get in.

"Where are we going?" Konrad asked as he got into the front seat, Samantha pointed at his seat belt. Giving a disgusted groan, Konrad pulled the seat belt on as she started to speak. "You are going to your school, Cass Technical High School, was it?" Konrad looked at her weird and then out the front window, within a split second he quickly turned his head to her again processing what she just said. "Wait, what? You know my school?" Samantha nodded.

"Yeah it's that school, what are you, my mom?" Konrad asked.

"Think of me as your babysitter, I'm watching over you for a limited time until you return home, and then you come right back to me." She replied. "I'm 17, I don't need a babysitter." Konrad replied. "Besides, I left my backpack at home before I went to hunt down Romanello last night, guess I can't go to school." He started unbuckling his seat belt. Samantha reached in the back seat and lifted up his backpack, revealing it to him.

"Damn, you really are a ninja." Konrad replied, Samantha gave him a sly smile following a nod. Samantha started up the car after giving Konrad his backpack and the two exited from the apartment garage. The two drove for a few miles until Samantha pulled up in front of the school with a large mass of students walking by on the sidewalk. Konrad stepped out of the car and was about to shut the door when Samantha called out to him.

"After school, meet right here, I will be picking you up and we will start our training from then on." Konrad nodded and slung his backpack around his shoulder, he closed the door and Samantha immediately sped off.

'What a weird chick.' Konrad thought to himself, making sure she was far enough away for her to not use her ninja skills and hear what he was thinking. He started walking in towards the front doors of the school and a few of his acquaintances were watching him.

"Yooo, Konrad, that chick drop you off?" Someone asked, he was one of those stoner kids who Konrad acted nice to and the two eventually became friends, his name was Tyler and he was standing around with a small group of people who were also friends with Konrad. Truly amazing how even the loners in school can make friends if they try hard enough.

"Yeah Tyler, pretty rad huh?" Konrad replied. "She was far outta your league man," Tyler joked, but was hushed by a smaller girl named Alexis. "At least I'm the one who got the ride." Konrad joked back, walking past the group. He entered through the front doors and reached in his pocket. What was in it? He pulled it out and realized it was his phone that he left on his kitchen table from last night.

'What the hell?' Konrad thought to himself, 'These aren't even my clothes, don't tell me that Samantha went to my house, grabbed by backpack and my phone, and made it back to her apartment within a half an hour. She's either a hardcore ninja and didn't wake my mom up, or she's a professional home intruder.' Konrad shook the thought off as he turned on his phone and looked at the time. The bell for first period rang as soon as he looked at the time.

Konrad quickly rushed into first period and was one of the first people to sit down in their seats, his classmates slowly entered the room along with Mr. Redmond following them. Konrad noticed Clarity walking into the room and Cliff following closely behind her, his friends gawking at her behind like any other teenage douchebag.

Clarity made her way to her seat and sat down, when she lowered her backpack onto the ground, she noticed a few cuts on Konrad's arm. "Konrad, what happened?" She asked, catching the loner off guard. He looked down at his arm and tried to smooth it over by covering it up with his other arm. "Oh, nothing." He replied as his face turned red. "Just some accidents from last night, with my grandma's cat." He gave an awkward smile and looked at Clarity, allowing her to see the right side of his face, where the bullet wound from last night cut open his skin at the shipyard.

"Are you sure?" Clarity asked sounding concerned, she was typically a nice girl and felt bad for how Cliff would treat Konrad, no wonder she was so popular. "That looks like a pretty deep cut from a cat." She looked at the bullet wound as Cliff came into her view behind Konrad.

"Maybe he decided to turn emo after our fight from the other week." Cliff gave a laugh as he sat in his seat, he sat to the right of Konrad and two seats up. Konrad gave him a glare and Cliff lifted his hands, sarcastically acting scared. "Don't say that, you jerk." Clarity retorted as the tardy bell rang for class.

"Alright everyone, take your seats!" Mr. Redmond yelled as the room started to get quiet. Cliff looked over at Konrad and Clarity and gave a sly smile. "Or maybe he's gone emo because he realized how lousy he is at martial arts despite his uncle taking time out of his day to teach him every day." He whispered with a chuckle. "Face it Konny, no matter how good you get at martial arts, you're still my bitch." He turned around in his seat as Mr. Redmond began his math lesson for the day.

'Don't call me Konny, you ass hat.' Konrad thought as he glared at the back of Cliff's head. 'I'm not taking martial arts lessons cause of you.' He started going off on a tangent in his mind. 'I'm doing it for my sister and father, you don't have the privilege to even have a similar name to my father.' It was really ironic how Konrad's bully had a similar name as his father, Clifford.

Konrad could feel Clarity staring at his arm and his face turned red as he stopped glaring at Cliff and covered his arm. He spent the remainder of class looking up at the board, waiting for school to end and Samantha to come pick him up.

The rest of the day was oddly boring for Konrad, he went from 1st period, to 2nd period, and went throughout the rest of his schedule until he entered his final class, his 5th period. Things seemed to go normal until the teacher's phone rang and his English teacher instructed that the office wanted to see Konrad, he was getting checked out.

Konrad picked up his stuff and exited the classroom in curiosity, he started on his way to the front office where he entered through the doors and saw someone who he wasn't expecting to see on this day.

"Uncle Tommy?" Konrad asked as he entered into the office. Tommy lifted his head and looked at Konrad, an opened tooth grin spread across his face as he stood up, he was the same height as Konrad and the two looked oddly alike, except one had white hair and glasses while the other was, well Konrad.

"Konny, my man!" Tommy said as he walked up and slapped his hand into Konrad's giving him a handshake. "How's the training bee-" He got cut off as he looked at the cuts on Konrad's arm and the bullet wound on his cheek. His grin dropped to a frown as he stared at the bullet wound. "Romanello?" He asked. "More like his mobsters, I dealt with them though."

"Good." Tommy replied, he looked over at the front desk and motioned for Konrad to walk over with him, Tommy checked Konrad out stating that his mother wanted him to come pick him up and the office approved of it. The two walked out towards Tommy's pickup truck and Konrad forgot his promise that he made to Samantha that morning about her picking him up.

Konrad and Tommy talked about martial arts training on their way through town and the two eventually arrived at the back entrance parking lot to Tommy's martial arts dojo. The two made their way inside where Konrad's mother was waiting inside of Tommy's office. Cadence stood up and ran to him, she saw the cuts and the wounds and gave him a large hug.

"Thank god you're alright." She muttered as a tear streamed down her face. "I'm fine, mum." Konrad replied as he tried to breathe. "You didn't come home last night, I thought something bad happened, I thought Romanello got to you." She looked at the ground, ashamed at her decision to allow him to become a vigilante.

"I'm fine, really." Konrad assured her. "It was an insane night, but I managed to almost take Romanello down himself." Cadence perked her ears up, so did Tommy. "I need to tell you two everything." Konrad continued.

Konrad sat down and started telling Cadence and Tommy what happened last night. Everything from the robbers to the battle at the shipyard and how Johnny murdered most of his men. He even told them about how Johnny gave him a lift to the hotel where Romanello and Vincent were hiding out, but he decided to keep the whole holding Johnny at gunpoint thing out of the equation. After explaining how he found Vincent dead and the horde of money, Konrad then got into his story about how he fought Romanello and was having issues with him.

"I almost won, guys." Konrad continued. "He unmasked me, but I had the gun, I could've won." Cadence let a small smile creep across her face but Tommy seemed concerned. "He unmasked you?" Konrad nodded. "He knows who you are now, did you kill him?" Tommy asked.

"Well.." Konrad paused. "I was going to, it was self defense, it was him or me. But someone entered onto the scene just in time and stopped me from killing him. She knocked me out and let Romanello get away. Then she took me to her apartment and told me why I shouldn't need to kill him."

"She?" Tommy asked, knowing who he meant. "Samantha, was that you?" Konrad rose an eyebrow as he looked over at the door and Samantha walked into it, giving Konrad an assuring look. "Yes, it was me who saved him." Tommy nodded. "As expected." He looked up at her and mouthed the words 'thank you'.

Cadence however wasn't quite as forgiving as Tommy and she stood up, staring directly at Samantha. "You stopped my child from doing what he wanted to do?" Samantha glared at her as Cadence continued to talk. "You knocked him out and took him to your place, what did you do to him?"

"Promised to give him proper training in the art of combat." Samantha retorted almost immediately. "He proved himself to me as a worthy student, so I decided to take him under my wing." She looked over at Tommy and gave him a look that practically said 'no offense' to his way of teaching. Tommy lifted a hand, shaking it off.

"Ok, I'm confused as all hell." Konrad shouted as he stood up and looked at everyone. "Let me get this straight, Uncle Tommy and Sam, mind if I call you Sam?" He looked at Samantha, Samantha shrugged and Konrad continued to talk. "You two are associated cause you two are martial artists, I guess."

"In a way, yes." Samantha replied, she wasn't quite a martial artist, she was a ninja of the Academy of Serpents as she stated last night, that's a story for a later day however. "Okay, I think I got it." Konrad replied, trying to calm his mother down as she glared at Samantha.

"I apologize, Cadence." Samantha replied. "However, I was instructed to look after your child and make sure he didn't make a mistake due to his inexperience as a vigilante. I stepped in when was needed and look what's happening in this room right now."

"Arguing with one another?" Cadence spat.

"No, him being alive." Samantha replied.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)   The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2015 8:54 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #11
"Zero to Hero"

Cadence and Samantha sat there staring at each other in a moment of silence until Konrad finally decided to speak up and break the tension. "Alrighty guys, it was nice meeting up here but Sam and I have some training to attend to." He lifted to head towards Samantha and she stepped outside of Tommy's office, Konrad followed out after her, waving to Tommy and Cadence as he left.

"Sorry about my mum, she isn't usually like that." Konrad piped up as he followed Samantha to her car, which was parked in front of the dojo. "It's alright, I was not expecting anything other than that reaction." She replied as they walked in between children and adults of all ages practicing martial arts on mats in the main lobby. The two exited the dojo and walked to her car, where they got in. Cadence exited out of Tommy's office and looked out of the front windows towards Samantha and Konrad. There was something she didn't trust about the ninja who decided to teach her son. Samantha started the engine and quickly pulled out of her parking spot, bursting off towards her apartment.

Eventually arriving at her apartment garage and walking up to her apartment, Samantha opened the door and Konrad followed in, throwing his backpack towards the counter. Samantha quickly lunged to grab the backpack and did a short spin, throwing it back at Konrad. The backpack hit his chest much to his surprise and it fell into his arms. "Nice catch." Samantha complimented. "Your training starts now, walk over to the table and set your backpack down like a disciplined student."

Konrad rose an eyebrow but listened to her, he walked over to the table and calmly lowered it, he gave a sarcastic smile as he looked at his new teacher. "Good, now go change." She instructed. "What?" He asked. "Get in your vigilante uniform, it's what you wear, it's what you will get used to wearing in combat."

Listening to her guidance, Konrad went into the other room and changed his clothes to the white hoodie and black pants that he wore from last night, it was still cut open from the battle with Romanello and his mob. He noticed Samantha already in her black ninja uniform and her yellow shirt, pulled up over her face, he was surprised at how quick she changed, and especially in the middle of her living room. Samantha reached in her uniform and pulled out the Aerohawk mask and tossed it over to Konrad, who caught it. "Put it on and follow me." She instructed as she exited her apartment.

'Uhh, we're going out into the open, in broad daylight?' Konrad thought to himself as he slid the mask over his head and followed her out of her door into the hallway. Samantha lead him up to the rooftop above her apartment complex, she kicked open the door to the roof and you could see practically all of the city from this view. 'Hey, there's the shipping yard!' Konrad thought to himself as he looked out towards the horizon and saw the cranes. 'I wonder if the mob's dead bodies are still piled around there..'

His thought was cut off as he turned his head and realized Samantha was closing in for a swift kick to his face. "Whoa!" Konrad shouted as he jumped backwards and skid along the roof's flat surface. "A little warning next time?"

"A ninja does not need people to give them warnings when in combat." She retorted, following up with another spin kick towards his cheek. Konrad lifted his arm and blocked the kick with his forearm and shoved her away. "Well I'm not a ninja, am I?"

"Not yet." The ninja replied as she rolled forward and quickly shot up, uppercutting Konrad in the jaw with enough force to lift him off of the ground. He fell to the ground and was immediately struck in the side with Samantha's leg. Konrad went skidding across the ground.

"I can't believe you even lasted a minute against someone as experienced as Romero Romanello." Samantha tried to get Konrad angry and it was working. Konrad lifted himself up and watched as she started running towards him. Lifting her foot, she tried to slam her foot into his chest but he rolled out of the way, dodging it. Rolling to his feet, he stood up and lifted his fists.

"Wearing weighted clothing such as your hoodie or baggy pants will help train you for whenever you wear lighter clothing into battle." Samantha lifted her fists up anticipating for Konrad to attack. "Yeah yeah, stop goin' easy on me, I wanna test my limits." He retorted.

Konrad threw a swift punch with his right fist but Samantha saw it coming, he blocked with her forearm and pushed him back. Within a split second she leaned her body back and thrust her back leg to come up and connect with Konrad's cheek. After connecting the first kick, she quickly spun around and threw her other kick into his same cheek, following up with a swift combo by slapping that same foot across both of his cheeks in a rapid motion, as if he was being slapped with the same hand on both sides of his face. She quickly hopped and threw her opposite leg up, kicking him in the jaw, then bent down and swept her other leg to knock his feet out from under him.

Everything was happening so quickly for Konrad he didn't even know what was happening until he landed on the ground with his face feeling like it was on fire from her kicks. 'Ow, shit that hurt!' He thought as he looked up at her, she was standing with her arms at her sides and her hands clenched into fists. Her eyes stared down at him menacingly.

Konrad quickly rolled back and jumped in the air, throwing a slicing kick towards her neck. Samantha dodged letting the kick slide and she moved up to throw a punch to his jaw, Konrad quickly pushed off of her shoulders and stumbled to the ground behind her. She quickly spun around and threw a punch to which Konrad reacted quite swiftly to. He lifted his left arm up and bent it as if he was flexing his arm, moving his right hand and placing it on his forearm, he blocked her punch and the force pushed him across the ground.

"You're not doing terrible." Samantha replied. "Now you see why I almost won against Romanello?" Konrad smiled under his mask. "No, I do not." Samantha replied, causing Konrad's smile to drop to a frown.

"Aren't you supposed to be uh, training me, not beating me up?" He asked, letting his guard down. Samantha lunged forward and karate chopped his neck causing him to drop to the ground and grasp at his throat. "I'm testing to see what you know, as of now you have the experience of a child in the Academy of Serpents."

"What the hell is the Academy of Serpents?" Konrad asked in between coughs as he shook off the pain in his throat. Samantha ignored him and continued speaking. "Be glad I didn't decide to use my swords on our first training exercise."

"You have swords?" Konrad asked. "Yes." She simply replied.

"Well alright then." The teenager stood up and looked at his teacher. "You know, you're actually pretty tall." She stood at the same height as him. "What does that have to do with anythi-" Samantha started, but was cut off when Konrad took the chance to strike at her stomach. She blocked with her knee and the two stared at each other in the eyes, a deadly glare was exchanged.

"Do not entirely rely on distracting your opponent in a fight." She instructed. Konrad nodded and stepped back. "That is enough for the day." Samantha retorted as she gave a bow and started walking towards the door to the inside of the apartment complex.

'What?' Konrad thought. 'That was too short, how am I ever gonna get good at fighting if our sessions are gonna be this short.' He shook his head and followed after her. The two made their way back into her apartment where Samantha changed back into her normal clothing leaving Konrad in his vigilante outfit. They must have been out there for longer than Konrad thought considering that the sky was an orange color rather than being a bright blue color than it was earlier.

"Surprised?" Samantha questioned as she picked up Konrad's backpack and threw it over to him. "Kinda, I guess." Konrad muttered looking out of the window. "Time flies when in combat, you learned that today. I'm proud to take you on as a student." She bowed towards him and he lifted his hand to shake it off. "Yeah, thanks for being my teacher, I should head home since I haven't been there for a full day. Gotta get some sleep."

Samantha nodded. "Your training continues, I entrust that you will get yourself home without my aid, come to my apartment after school tomorrow and we will begin your training for the weekend."

"Understood, Sam." Konrad lifted his hand and gave her a salute as he exited the door to leave. Samantha slowly walked over to her massive window and looked out at the street, she saw Konrad exit the building with his Aerohawk mask on and his backpack slung over his back. She watched as he scaled the set of buildings on the opposite side of the street and make his way across them, heading home.

A warm smile crept along her face as she watched him disappear into the city horizon, she closed her blinds and walked over to the middle of her living room, sitting down on the floor with her legs crossed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)   The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2015 10:19 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #12
"The Academy of Serpents"

Shortly after Konrad left her apartment, the white moon began to rise above the horizon turning the orange sky to a dark black. Sadly Detroit was such a populated and polluted city that it was hard to see any of the stars. Candle lights were lit in Samantha's dark apartment as she returned to her sitting position in the middle of the living room with her furniture pushed to the far edges of the room.

Closing her eyes as the fire on the candles started to pulsate, Samantha began meditating, but much like Konrad, she was too tired to focus on anything. Her meditation slowly faded and she started to fall asleep despite her not tipping over from her sitting position.

Samantha began to dream as she drifted into a deep sleep, the image of Konrad wearing his vigilante outfit popped into her vision and she could see herself training him on top of her apartment complex's roof as if she was an entirely different person watching the two train. Dream Konrad lunged forward and threw a kick towards Dream Samantha's side, who quickly lowered her arm and caught his leg. With a quick shift of her body, she flipped Konrad over and pinned him on the ground. "You will be a worthy ninja soon enough." Dream Samantha complimented as she let Konrad go. Samantha watched as her dream self reached behind her back and unsheathed a sword with a slightly curved blade from her back, it was her saber that she mentioned during her training with Konrad. Dream Samantha rushed forward and stabbed her sword into Konrad's heart much to Samantha's surprise.

The dream quickly faded and back in the real world, Samantha toppled backwards from where she was sitting and her arms and legs sprawled out on the ground, she was still in a deep sleep.

'I would never consider killing Konrad, what was I thinking?' Samantha thought to herself as she appeared in another dream, she was no longer on the rooftop of her apartment complex, instead she was now inside of a dojo. It wasn't Tommy's dojo located in uptown Detroit, rather this dojo had interior design similar to that of a dojo in Japan. Green serpents were carved into the walls all around the dojo indicating that this was where the Academy of Serpents were located.

People wearing black ninja outfits were scattered around the room, all of them staring to the center of the room. Samantha realized she was floating high above the ninjas and she tilted her head to see what everyone was looking at.

'No..' Samantha muttered as she stared down at a young girl and a young boy wearing white ninja outfits and black headbands standing in the center of the dojo, staring at each other with their swords drawn in front of them. 'I remember this day..' Her thoughts were cut off by a man wearing a green and black ninja outfit instructing the two children. He had a mask that covered his entire face and on the mask was a green serpent, showing that he was the head master of the Academy of Serpents.

"My children, in order to be accepted as a serpent, one of you will live and one of you will die!" The head master down at the two kids in front of him, they were his own flesh and blood. The two kids nervously circled around each other with their swords at the ready.

You see, the young girl was actually Samantha when she was a little kid, and the young boy across from her was her twin brother named Baxter. Samantha could remember this day in particular, because it was when she was accepted into the Academy of Serpents as a ninja in training.

Baxter rushed forward, slashing his sword at Samantha who held up her own sword, blocking Baxter's attack. Baxter grit his teeth as he withdrew from his attack and threw a kick towards Samantha's side. Samantha gasped as the kick made contact.

'I remember he was such a brat.' Samantha thought to herself as her adult body floated above the fight, the two kids were slashing at each other with incredible speed and skill, yet only one was to be accepted into the Academy. 'Baxter always had a temper, always thought he could be better than me at everything and he wanted nothing more than for our father to be proud of him as a ninja.' She gave a sigh and continued to think to herself.

'But he was my brother and we loved each other. He always stuck by me in my hardest times and always wanted the best for me. I did the same for him, but not on this day.' Samantha continued to watch the fight, preparing herself for the worst when she saw her younger self stab Baxter in the heart, similar to the way she did to Konrad in her other dream. Baxter was simply outclassed in this fight since Samantha wasn't as hot tempered as her male twin and didn't let it guide her actions. An expression of horror swept across the young Samantha's face as she watched Baxter's white ninja outfit start turning into a shade of red, she pulled her blade out of his heart.

In the real world, Samantha squirmed on the floor as the flames on the candles slowly started freaking out and eventually went out as if the wind blew them out. Tears streamed down her face as she continued to dream in the now dark apartment.

'Why am I dreaming about this? Why now?' Samantha thought to herself as she watched the body of her brother fall onto the ground in front of her younger self. The ninja clan bowed as her father walked up to the young girl. She was forced to kill the one person who always stuck by her and cared about her, not even her own father cared for her, all he cared about was the Academy of Serpents, and she was now apart of them.

'I didn't even want to join them, I respected Baxter enough to give him the chance for him joining the clan. It was an accident!' Samantha's mind raced as the dream faded away and a new one entered in it's place. Like a slideshow, events from Samantha's life flashed in her dreams as she watched her younger self training with her father, and then eventually she decided to leave the clan to travel to Detroit and start a new life. It was there where she met Konrad's uncle Tommy and became close friends with him as she worked as a trainer for his dojo. Why was she dreaming such weird things about her life, and why now?

Samantha's eyes shot open and she quickly sat up, her apartment was dark due to the flames on the candles being put out. It was hard to breath because she was panting so hard. Then it hit her after thinking really hard. "Konrad..." she muttered "Are you.. Baxter?" Did the gods give her another chance to live a new life with her brother, were they forgiving her for her mistakes?

No, he wasn't really her brother, but ever since Konrad made his way into her life, she now realized that the two of them had similar attributes. The same hot-tempered attitude, immature antics, the inexperience in combat, and the pride in their skills. Not to mention the two boys both had dark brunette hair much like hers. It all made sense now, Konrad reminded Samantha of Baxter, the one person in her life who actually cared for her. You might be thinking about her mother, but Samantha and Baxter grew up without a mother. After she gave birth to the both of them, she mysteriously disappeared from the Academy of Serpents.

Samantha softly got to her feet and walked over to the window to open up the curtains on the window. When she opened up the curtains, light burst into the room indicating that it was now early morning. Samantha couldn't figure out why she was having those dreams, was it because Konrad reminded her of the brother she was forced to kill on her father's behalf? No, it had to be something else, she continued to look out of the window and she could barely see her own reflection in the glass. Over her shoulder she noticed a figure wearing a mask with a green serpent on it appear behind her.

Realizing that was the mask that her father wore, she quickly spun around to confront the man behind her but no one was there.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #13
"The Start of a New Family"

Samantha didn't tell Konrad about her crazy dreams that she had, he had his training that he would need to focus on. The two of them would spend the next the next several weeks training in the art of combat on top of Samantha's apartment complex. As each week passed, Samantha was proud to see that Konrad was improving, his attitude was now lighter than it used to be yet he was still pretty hot-tempered, but on the bright side he was almost as skilled as her when it came to hand to hand combat.

Things seemed to be going smoothly, Romanello and his mob haven't been seen or heard and haven't appeared in the newspaper ever since Konrad's war against them in the shipping yard, yet crime on the streets seemed to sky rocket. Gangs were popping up like none other trying to gain control of the slums and take over what Romanello once had control over. Konrad's training would come into formation as he and Samantha would go out into the streets and take down criminals, working together like partners. The public eye has recognized Aerohawk and his partner as heroes and they have started appearing in the newspaper, replacing Romanello's appearances.

Yet over these past few weeks, Konrad and Samantha haven't been spending all of their time together training and taking out crime. The two would have conversations in her apartment as she taught him how to meditate and the two eventually became close friends. After school, Konrad would make his way over to her apartment and treat himself to food in her fridge since he didn't eat at school.

Samantha usually didn't mind since it was nice to have someone around, finally.

One day Konrad was ransacking her fridge, figuring out that it was empty. 'Ugh, when is she gonna go out and actually buy something to eat.' He thought to himself, as if this was his own house. He leaned back and shut the fridge with a water bottle in his hand.

Popping open the cap to the water, he turned his head and saw Samantha standing next to the fridge. Out of surprise, Konrad subtly jumped back and squeezed the water bottle causing water to explode out of the top. He lifted his leg and let the water soak into his pant legs so it didn't hit the floor. Samantha was wearing a skintight body suit that was black and had white lining, underneath the suit she wore a yellow turtle neck and could be pulled up over her face to use as a mask.

"What's with the get-up?" Konrad asked as he took a sip from the now half-empty water bottle. Samantha reached behind her back and was holding a pile of white clothes with the Aerohawk mask on top of the clothes.

"I figured it was time that if we are going to fight crime in the streets every night as part of your training, we should look like that of those vigilantes in comic books." Konrad rose an eyebrow. "You want me to wear spandex?" Samantha nodded.

"Uh, I think I'll stick to the hoodie and athletic pants, thanks." Konrad retorted, Samantha threw the spandex and mask at Konrad, he caught them with his arm. "I have spent the past several nights putting these outfits together while you stole food from my refrigerator. You will try it on."

"Alright, alright." Konrad put a cap on the water bottle and set it on the kitchen counter, he walked towards the bathroom and spent the next few minutes trying to put the outfit on. Eventually he stepped out of the bathroom and into the living room with his mask in his hands.

The outfit was mainly white but the outfit had black lining along the arms and on the front of the chest so the color scheme fit with the Aerohawk mask. Gold seemed to be part of the color scheme as he had black and golden gloves along with black and gold boots.

"Well, what do you think?" Samantha asked with her arms crossed, she tossed him a belt with a golden buckle to put on around his waist. He put the belt on and slid the mask on over his head, then walked back into the bathroom as Samantha followed him. Looking in the mirror, he admired the costume and realized it wasn't quite spandex, but it was skin tight enough to reveal his muscles and if there was anything Konrad enjoyed, it was showing off things that he could brag about.

"Yeah, I was wrong, thanks for makin' it, Sam." He replied, taking off of the mask and giving Samantha a smile. Samantha gave small smile back. "It is your reward for being an honorable student of mine and an honorable vigilante."

Samantha motioned for Konrad to follow him out into the living room, Konrad decided to speak up. "Wait a sec, my name on the streets is Aerohawk. So why haven't you ever come up with a name?"

"I prefer to not go by a name to the public eye or my enemies, it goes against what I was taught in the Academy of Serpents." Samantha retorted.

"But don't you want someone to recognize you as something other than my 'partner'?" Konrad asked, seeming confused.

"No, I need no publicity, all I aspire for is for you to become a skilled protector of this filthy city. You are making that dream come true." Samantha stated.

"Well then I'll come up with a name for ya." Konrad was about to start spitting out names when he heard his phone vibrate along the kitchen counter. He walked over to it and turned it on. "That's weird, I just got a text from Uncle Tommy. It says 'Report to my dojo, now!', an exclamation mark and everything."

"I fear something has happened at the dojo if he's texting you to report there." Samantha responded. "Head to the car, I'm going to go grab my sword." Konrad nodded and ran to the front door, opening it up and sprinting down the hallway towards the apartment garage. He was still wearing the outfit that Samantha had made for him and he had his mask in his hands.

Making his way into the passenger seat of Samantha's car, Samantha opened up her door as well and got in. "Geez, that was quick!" Konrad shouted as she started up the engine, her sword was sheathed behind her back. Without saying a word, she backed up and exited the garage, bursting off down the street towards Tommy's dojo.

Eventually the two turned a corner and started driving down the street towards Tommy's dojo, as they got closer they realized that the whole dojo was on fire and shattered glass was scattered on the street in front, as if a bomb exploded within the dojo walls. Crowds of people were standing around, some of them were taking pictures of the fire and others were trying to get away from the scene.

"What the hell?!" Konrad shouted as Samantha stopped the car, Konrad immediately jumped out onto the sidewalk and started running towards the building. He lifted his mask and slid it on over his head with Samantha locking the car and following after him. Samantha lifted her mask over her mouth and nose as the two officially began their vigilante actions for the night.

Aerohawk slid along the ground in front of the gaping hole in the dojo's entrance, he hopped inside of the building and looked around for anyone. The place seemed empty. 'Thank god.' Aerohawk thought to himself, glad that no one was injured.

'Over here, Aerohawk!' Samantha shouted, causing the vigilante's attention to turn towards her. She was lifting up pieces of rubble off of someone's body. It was Uncle Tommy. Aerohawk rushed over and started to help her lift the rubble until they eventually pushed it off of Tommy. "Uncle Tommy, you're gonna be okay!" Aerohawk shouted as he grabbed onto his uncle's shoulders, he wasn't burned from the fire, just massively wounded from the rubble falling on him.

Tommy slowly opened his eyes and his vision was blurry, he looked up and noticed Aerohawk holding him and Samantha standing next to them. "K-Konrad.." Tommy muttered. "What in god's name happened here, Thomas?" Samantha questioned. Tommy was about to respond when three figures wearing black ninja clothing appeared in the corner of Samantha's vision. She lifted her head and looked at the figures, Aerohawk did the same and stood up with Tommy in his arms. 'They're wearing the same ninja outfits that Sam had when we started our training.' He observed in his mind. "Did they destroy your dojo?" Aerohawk questioned, looking at the figures. Tommy nodded.

"Take him to the car, I can handle this." Aerohawk muttered, turning his head towards Samantha, who wasn't listening. She walked past Aerohawk and stood between him and the figures. "No, this is my fight."

"What?" Aerohawk questioned as Samantha turned her head and gave him a glare. A moment of silence filled the air but Aerohawk eventually turned around. "Good luck." He muttered and he began sprinting out of the burning building towards the car.

One of the figures reached in a pouch of theirs and pulled out three throwing stars, he lifted them and threw them towards Aerohawk. Samantha quickly unsheathed her saber sword and lunged in front of the stars, blocking all three of them with her blade. The stars fell to the ground and a chunk of the burning roof fell down on top of them, causing her to jump out of the way. The three figures quickly split apart and made their way towards Samantha, she could tell that these were ninjas from the Academy of Serpents.

One of the ninjas unsheathed their swords and slashed it down towards Samantha's head. Samantha shifted her torso backwards so the blade would move past her chest, she quickly grabbed onto the figure's wrist and threw him to the side, knocking him into another figure and the two fell to the ground. These were definitely ninjas from the Academy, their attacks and tactics struck with intense speed and accuracy.

The third figure lunged forward, thrusting her sword directly at Samantha's face. Samantha reacted quickly and lifted her saber to deflect the incoming blade away from her. The ninja stumbled forward and Samantha kicked forward, hitting the girl in the stomach and sending her flying to the side.

"Halt!" Samantha shouted as she noticed the two figures from earlier stand up and charge her, they didn't listen. "Do you not recognize my face?" She questioned, they continued to charge at her.

With their swords almost connecting with Samantha's side, the two figures quickly froze in place, much to Samantha's surprise. They dropped their swords and looked out towards the back entrance of the dojo, the third figure stood up and did the same. All three of them bowed as a fourth figure appeared in the smoke coming from the back of the dojo.

Straining her eyes to see who it was, Samantha's eyes widened as she saw that the figure had a green serpent on his ninja mask.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #14
"Serpent's Bite! A Father's Punishment!"

"Father.." Samantha muttered. The smoke around her father quickly disappeared revealing his whole outfit, it was green and black like in her dream, and he had a green serpent on his mask, not a single patch of skin was shown on his uniform. As the smoke disappeared, Samantha noticed he was holding onto someone's body by their head, she quickly realized that it was Cadence, Konrad's mother. She was unconscious but her body was dragging along on the ground with the top of her head in his right hand.

"What have you done to her?!" Samantha shouted as another chunk of the burning roof fell in the center of the room in between the two. Turning her head to look out of the front entrance, she tried looking past the civilians who were in the street, taking pictures and she noticed Aerohawk on his way back to the dojo after putting his Uncle Tommy in an ambulance that had arrived on the scene.

Her father didn't reply, all he did was thrust his hand forward, tossing Cadence towards Samantha. Samantha dropped her saber sword and caught Cadence just as Aerohawk jumped back into the building.

"How are things holdin' u-" He stopped talking as soon as he looked at Samantha, holding Cadence in her arms. "What the fuck happened?!" Aerohawk shouted as he approached. The ninjas that Samantha had fought unsheathed their swords, but quickly re-sheathed them and jumped back towards their master as if he was speaking to them through their thoughts. Samantha slowly turned around and looked at Aerohawk, her eyes signaled to him that he should stay quiet.

She exited the front of the dojo and waited for a few paramedics to rush up and take Cadence from her arms, once they did, she re-entered the burning dojo and stood next to Aerohawk.

"Do not ask any questions, Konrad." She muttered. "All will be answered soon enough."

Samantha's father lifted his hand and motioned for his three ninjalings to exit out of the back of the dojo. Aerohawk shifted forward, ready to chase after them but Samantha placed her hand out in the air, stopping him. "They are too quick, let them leave for now. He is our main concern."

"Who is he?" Aerohawk questioned. "The bastard hurt my family, he's gonna have to deal with my rage, just like Romanello did."

"He is my father." Samantha replied. "Head master of the Academy of Serpents, there is no way we would be able to take him down if we didn't put forth our full effort." She looked down at Aerohawk.

"Heh, that stupid snake on his mask makes him look like an idiot. Since he's the master of your clan, I'll name him Serpent." He realized he sounded like a hypocrite, since he had a huge golden hawk on the chest of his outfit. Aerohawk was eager to take down the bastard who attacked his family. "Now let's go kick his ass!"

Samantha shook her head and continued to instruct him in an angry tone. "Get your mind out of your ass and listen to me, we need to work together and think things through, not go charging in at him."

Aerohawk kept his mouth shut and nodded his head. "Good." Samantha noticed that Serpent was now walking towards the two of them, she reached down and picked up her saber sword and then looked at Aerohawk. Shifting her head, she signaled for him to flank around Serpent on the left side of the room and she would do the same on the right. Aerohawk nodded and the two split apart from each other.

Sprinting through the burning rubble, the two flanked around Serpent and rushed towards him. Serpent reached behind his back and unsheathed the two swords strapped around his back. He quickly spun around and slashed upwards, Aerohawk bent his body backwards as the blade's tip ran along his torso barely missing the vigilante. Samantha took this opportunity to attack, she slashed her saber down towards Serpent's head. Serpent kicked Aerohawk away and turned around, lifting both swords up above his head and blocking Samantha's attack.

Aerohawk skidded across the ground regaining his balance. "Am I the third wheel in this sword duel?" He joked.

"Now is not the time for humor, Konrad!" Samantha shouted as Serpent pushed his blades up, pushing her away from him.

"Uhh, who is Konrad?" Aerohawk asked, trying to cover up her calling him Konrad. Samantha grit her teeth as Serpent rushed forward, slashing towards her. She slashed her own sword, deflecting Serpent's blade.

"He already knows your true name!" She shouted back as she kicked Serpent in the chest, knocking him back. "How? I haven't heard him talk once during this whole fight." Aerohawk asked. Serpent dodged a few of Samantha's attacks and lunged forward, kicking her in the stomach sending her flying through the burning rubble, she skid along the ground on her butt until she was next to Aerohawk.

"That is exactly what he wants you to think, Konrad." She muttered as she stood up, Serpent crossed his blades in an 'x' formation, ready for the two to charge. "He doesn't physically speak to anyone, rather he has a secret ninja technique that he developed that allows the user the communicate with people through their thoughts. The only way it works is if he manages to place his palm on your head. It is how he has been speaking to me this whole entire fight. It's how he knows who you are, he attacked your mother and destroyed this dojo to call us out. To call me out."

"Really? That sounds like something a comic book writer would come up with just because he has the power of making bullshit super villains." Konrad retorted as he lifted his fists for the fight.

"It is how he communicated with those ninjalings that we let escape. He told them not to attack either of us, we are his prey." Samantha charged forward, slashing her saber. Serpent caught her blade in between his swords and kicked her away into a pile of flaming rubble, causing her sword to fall on the ground in front of him.

Aerohawk grit his teeth underneath his mask, he burst off in a sprint towards Serpent and quickly picked up Samantha's saber. Before he could slash at the ninja, Serpent quickly deflected the sword away towards Samantha and tossed his swords onto the ground, he thrust his hand forward and placed it on Aerohawk's forehead. Lifting his arms up to grab at Serpent's wrist, Aerohawk tried to remove Serpent's hands but it didn't work.

Samantha quickly got to her feet and lunged forward, picking up her saber and thrusting it towards Serpent. With a quick swipe of his hand, Serpent knocked the saber out of her hands and grabbed onto her forehead, forcing her to her knees on the ground. The two heroes were at their knees with Serpent's hands locked to their heads. A massive jolt of energy shot through his hands and into Aerohawk and Samantha's foreheads causing the two of them to scream in pain.

'My head feels like it's about to explode!' Aerohawk thought to himself, but he was surprised to hear a man's voice inside of his thoughts.

'Good, let the pain take over your mind and allow me to take control of your actions.' The voice said. Aerohawk didn't know what was going on.

'No, do not listen to him Konrad!' Samantha's voice was also inside of Aerohawk's head, he finally understood what was happening. The pain in his head was Serpent acting like a cable between him and Samantha, linking the three of their minds together, each of them could see each other's thoughts.

'You keep your voice silent, Samantha.' Serpent instructed, to which Samantha quickly replied. 'No, I am done taking orders from you, I am no longer your pawn!'

In almost an instant, images of the dreams that Samantha had that one night shot into Konrad's mind, images of her dreaming about stabbing him, images of Baxter's death, and everything else all shot into his mind at once. It was too much for him to take in and his mind eventually went blank.

'Konrad!' Samantha shouted as Serpent released his hand from Konrad's forehead in the real world and kicked him in the chest, sending him sprawling onto his back, motionless.

'He was nothing anyways..' Serpent retorted as he still held onto Samantha's mind. 'You should not have left the Academy of Serpents, my child.'

'I already told you, I did not want to listen to you any longer, your ways of killing were not what I wanted to become, you made me kill Baxter!' Her thoughts shouted up at Serpent.

'He was weak, just like your mother. I had plans for you to take over as master of the Academy, but when you went missing, I decided you were weak as well.' Serpent replied, causing Samantha to put the pieces together.

'You killed mother?' To which Serpent replied. 'She wanted you and Baxter to be something more than killing machines, something weak, which you have already become by letting your heart go soft by taking in this boy.'

'Konrad is not weak, he is a strong warrior with a determined heart, behind his hot-tempered attitude lies a child with a pure heart full of righteousness and justice. I may have taught him how to be a warrior, but he has taught me how to live.' Samantha spat back.

'Bah! I have no need for something as weak as living, what is worth living for if you do not have power?' Serpent let go of Samantha's head and stepped back, she was still on her knees. Serpent bent down and picked up one of the swords he dropped and held it at his side. 'You were never a ninja, and you will no longer call yourself one.'

He flipped the sword in his hand and aimed the blade at her. Samantha closed her eyes ready for him to end her life. Serpent thrust forward intending for the tip of the blade to strike right between her eyes and kill her, but something got in it's way.

Samantha opened her eyes and saw Aerohawk's back standing in front of her. He managed to stand up and leap in front of her before the blade made contact. Serpent looked down and realized that the blade was stuck inside his stomach. 'What?!' He shouted inside of Konrad's mind. 'How are you alive?!'

"You've taken.. t-too much away from this girl.. you.. ..don't deserve to call yourself her father." Aerohawk spoke in between pants as blood dripped onto the ground from his stab wound and he narrowed his eyes, trying to give Serpent a deadly glare. "I don't... know where your e-eyes are.. or else I'd b-be lookin' in them.." He muttered.

'You dare defy my control?' Serpent hissed. "I do." Aerohawk replied. "I care for Sam, unlike you." Samantha widened her eyes.

Serpent lifted his foot and kicked Aerohawk in the stomach, pushing him away from the blade and onto the ground. Samantha rolled out of the way and looked down at Aerohawk, who motioned for her to attack him. "I'll be fine." He muttered.

Samantha nodded and stood up, picking up her saber sword, ready for round two.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #15
"Cutting Off The Head Of A Snake"

A piece of burning rubble fell from the ceiling and landed next to Samantha as she stood, glaring at Serpent. The fiery air whooshed past her head as the rubble fell, causing her hair to flutter but she didn't move, all she did was glare.

'You are a fool for leaving your ally on the ground with a wound that fatal.' Serpent hissed in her mind.

"Like I said, Konrad is strong and can handle himself. Besides, he is too stubborn to die, just like Baxter was." She raised her saber up to the sky as Aerohawk laid on the ground behind her, ready to watch the fight. Serpent raised his sword and lunged at her.

'You still think about that pitiful fool?' He shouted as he slashed his sword down towards her head, Samantha quickly shot up and deflected the blade with her own. She spun around and swept her leg trying to kick his feet out from under him. Serpent jumped and hopped back as Samantha thrust her saber upwards towards his chin.

"He was my brother, you think I would forget about him? I still even think about mother, the one you took from us!" She charged forward and thrust her blade towards his stomach, Serpent dodged to the side and kneed her in the stomach, pushing her with enough force to send her flying across the burning ground. Rubble fell in between the two. The fire in the building was starting to calm, which means the building was about to lose it's structure and would eventually collapse on top of the three.

'You impudent child, you dare attack your father, your only family member left in the living world?' Serpent hissed as he stepped over the rubble and walked towards Samantha.

"You are not my father, not anymore." She replied, Aerohawk had no clue what was going on since he couldn't hear Serpent talking to Samantha, but he could put the pieces together, for the most part. "Konrad and his family are the only family I have now, he cares for me, they all look after me, something you never did for me or Baxter."

Samantha lifted herself from the rubble just in time for Serpent to lunge forward and slam his fist into her stomach hard enough for the window to cause the flames behind her to pulsate from the hit. She gasped for air as she did her best to lift her saber up in the air and slash it towards his face. He blocked her blade and sent it flying across the room, it slid on the ground until it ended up a few feet away from where Aerohawk was laying.

Serpent grasped Samantha by the throat and lifted her up, they were both battle damaged and ash from the fire coated their uniforms. With a quick swing, he threw Samantha across the room until she landed on the ground, face down. Serpent started walking towards her.

Aerohawk saw this and decided to give her some advice. "Do what Uncle Tommy taught me, do the leg sweep!" Samantha lifted her hands up and placed them on the ground next to her, she pushed up and kicked back, hitting Serpent's shins. She then swept her other leg and pushed them against the back of his legs, causing him to fall over. Serpent dropped his sword as Samantha kicked it out of his reach and got to her feet.

'What a foolish mistake, Samantha.' Serpent hissed as he got to his knees. Samantha slammed her fists onto the top of his head before he stood up, causing him to slam down to the ground again. Samantha stepped back and raised her fists, ready for more combat.

Serpent got to his feet and threw a punch towards Samantha's face with lightning fast speed, Samantha dodged to the right and let the punch go past her cheek. The friction cut her skin much like the bullet that cut Konrad's skin several weeks ago. Samantha lifted her forearm and pushed his fist away, she recoiled and threw a kick towards his cheek. Making contact, she spun around to throw another kick but Serpent caught her leg.

'You think you can use your techniques against me? I can see your thoughts, remember?' Serpent seemed to have a sly tone to his voice as he pulled Samantha's leg towards him, thrusting his fist forward and smacking her in the chin. Samantha fell to the ground and spun on her back, sweeping her legs and causing him to fall to the ground.

"Hey, you're... u-using those break.. dancing moves that I-I... used when we first trained!" Aerohawk shouted as his wound started getting worse. "I know, get angry at me later!" She got to her feet as Serpent hit the ground. She was trying to end the fight quickly, or else Aerohawk would die from blood loss.

'You can not save him and kill me.' Serpent hissed, realizing what she was thinking.

"I am not trying to do both of those things." Samantha spat back. 'Oh?' Serpent asked, curiously.

"You heard me." She smirked and rushed forward, jumping in the air and kicking him in the stomach sending him flying into a flaming pile of rubble, more chunks of the ceiling fell down on top of him.

Serpent quickly pushed the rubble off of his body, his costume was now on fire and he watched as Samantha picked up both of his swords that he dropped during the fight and quickly rush towards him. She yelled as she got closer, aiming both blades at him.

'Do it.' Serpent hissed as his body laid in the flames. Samantha kept rushing towards him, almost as if she was going to stab him in the face, but instead of doing that, she stuck the two blades into the wall on each side of his head.

Stepping back, she looked at him. "I am not like you, you may have given me the training I needed in order to become a skillful ninja, but I am no killer."

'You brat, end me or free me and I will end you!' He hissed in her mind as she turned around and walked away from him away from the fight. She picked up her saber and flipped it in her fingers, sliding it into it's sheath at the exact moment a piece of rubble fell from the ceiling and smacked onto the top of Serpent's head, knocking him out.

Samantha quickly picked the wounded Aerohawk up as the building started to shake. She realized that the building was about to collapse so she rushed out of the front of the building as quick as she could. The dojo collapsed as soon as she made her way onto the street. Fire fighters arrived on the scene and put out the fire quickly and the police kept crime scene tape up around to keep civilians out of the way.

Instead of handing Aerohawk over to the paramedics and risking them taking off his mask, Samantha rushed to her car and put him in the passenger seat, she started up the car and drove off towards her apartment complex. Eventually the two returned to her home and she pulled him into her apartment and placed him in the center of the living room floor.

Ripping his mask off of his face, Samantha quickly gathered first aid materials needed to treat a wound and returned to where he was laying. It took a while but she eventually cleansed and sewed the wound together, everything was fine now.

"Wow, are you a doctor too?" Konrad asked as he laid on the ground in pain. Samantha shook her head. "Hey, thanks for saving my life, again." Konrad replied as she stood up.

"No need to thank me, I didn't save your life, you saved mine." Samantha sat back and crossed her legs on the ground next to him.

"You hardly look like you took any damage, I think you're the one who saved me." Konrad corrected her.

"No, you saved my life by helping me gain my freedom from my father's tyranny." She gave him a warm smile. "You are helping me right now by giving me something to live for when all he did was take it away from me."

"Well, at least let me give you a vigilante name, you deserve to be recognized as something other than my partner." He lifted his arm and motioned for her to go get a piece of paper and a pen off of the kitchen counter. Samantha stood up and did exactly that, returning to where he was laying, she handed him the pen and paper.

Taking a moment to write something down, Konrad revealed the paper to her and it said 'Sabre Sam'. "I wanted to write it down so you could see how it's spelled."

"That is not how you spell saber." Samantha replied.

"It looks cool though." Konrad retorted. Samantha shrugged and nodded her head, she would now go by the name of Sabre Sam whenever in the midst of her vigilantism.

Konrad tried to sit up to put the pen and paper back on the counter but Samantha lowered her hand and put it on his chest, making him lay back down. "Get the rest you deserve, we will go to the hospital where your mother and uncle are residing when you awake."

Giving her a nod, Konrad closed his eyes and figured it was best to not argue with her.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #16
"Aftermath of the Fire"

Konrad slowly opened his eyes after what seemed like ages, his vision was blurry at first but it eventually sorted itself out. He started to sit up as a sharp pain jolted through his stomach "Oof!" He mumbled as he lifted his arm and placed it on his stomach. He could feel bumps along his skin and remembered the events from earlier that day.

'Oh, right, I got stabbed.' Konrad softly laughed, trying to lighten the feeling as he slowly stood to his feet, fighting the soreness in his stomach. He eventually got to his feet and remembered he was left to sleep on the floor in Samantha's apartment. Taking one look out of the window, Konrad realized that the moon was now high in the sky and the moonlight peered into the room he was standing in.

"Glad to see you are awake, sleeping beauty." Samantha called out behind him, causing Konrad to turn around. She had her car keys in her fingers and she jingled them towards him. "Ready to leave?"

"To leave? Where?" Konrad asked as he stumbled forward. Samantha tossed the keys up and caught them in her palm, she wasn't wearing her Sabre Sam outfit from the fight earlier, she was wearing normal civilian clothing.

"To leave and see your family in the hospital." She replied. Konrad lifted his head understanding what she meant. He looked down thinking he still had on his Aerohawk outfit from the fight with Serpent, but realized that instead of that, he was wearing normal civilian clothing just like Samantha was.

"Um. Before we leave." Konrad spoke up as he and Samantha exited the door to her apartment. "Did you change me while I was sleeping?" Samantha nodded. "Er, I was naked underneath that costume."

Samantha stopped him. "Calm, Konrad. I simply put clothes on over you, I did not see your male gen-" Konrad lifted his hands and waved them to shut her up. "Alright, alright! Don't say anythin' else, it sounds weird with how you say it." With that, the two walked to Samantha's car and started it up. They exited the apartment complex's garage and drove towards the nearest hospital.

Pulling into a parking slot of the hospital's parking lot, Samantha lead Konrad through the front doors, where Konrad noticed the name of the hospital on the side of the building. 'Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, huh?' He thought to himself as he walked through the front doors. 'For a building in Detroit, even if it is a hospital. It's clean, too clean.' He looked around the area where the front desk was, Samantha made her way up to the receptionist and started talking to her as Konrad looked around.

'Ugh. I hate hospitals.' Konrad thought as he looked around at the people sitting in those lounge chairs, waiting around and reading magazines. Konrad couldn't stand the sight or sound of anyone vomiting or doing anything with their mucus, which was weird considering he was fine and dandy around any kind of gore. On top of his disgust of vomit and mucus, he dreaded those trips to the doctor that his mother and father used to take him to. He would always hate getting shots or having those metal hammers slammed against his knee, everything in a hospital was just hurtful, cold, and dreadful, so he tries to stay healthy in order to stay clear of the risk of being sent to the hospital.

Fortunately, before Konrad could find a seat in the hospital's foyer, Samantha called him over and motioned for him to follow the receptionist. 'Thank god.' Konrad thought, he didn't know what kinds of diseases these people reading the magazines had in their sinuses.

Konrad and Samantha followed the receptionist through the hallways of the hospital, Konrad peered into each of the open doors as they passed. Looking inside of the different rooms, he could see a wide variety of people with broken legs, arms, and just about any other body part there is to break. He cringed imagining how worse his injuries would be if he didn't have Samantha at his side to help in crime fighting. The thought quickly left his mind as the nurse lifted her hand and pointed towards the open doorway of Room 304.

"Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. Samson are in this room." The nurse said with a smile. "Spend as much time as you need with them, A doctor will come by shortly when it is his turn to care for them." Samantha smiled and shook the nurse's hand and Konrad walked past the two in a hurry. It was a good thing that this hospital was such a small hospital that they had co-ed hospital rooms for family members to reside in together.

Konrad rushed into the room and quickly looked towards the beds where he saw Uncle Tommy asleep with his arm and leg up in a sling above the bed and his head bandaged. In the bed next to Tommy's, Konrad's mother Cadence was sitting up and was fully awake, looking down at a newspaper in her lap.

"Mum!" Konrad shouted, but not loud enough to wake Tommy up. He rushed over to her bedside and gave her a hug, she hugged him back as her eyes began to well up, ready to cry from the shock.

"Whoa, calm down there Konny, my head is still aching from earlier." Cadence laughed as Konrad let go of her. Samantha walked into the room causing Konrad and Cadence to look over in her direction. Konrad was expecting for the two to start feuding like they did earlier at the dojo, but something unexpected happened.

"Thank you for saving him." Cadence mumbled with a small smile on her face. Samantha nodded and a warm smile crept along her face as well.

"Did I miss something, are the two of ya friends?" Konrad asked, confused. Cadence didn't reply, she handed him the newspaper that she was reading instead. Konrad looked down at the paper and the headline read "Local Dojo Burned Down, Local Heroes Save The Day!"

At first he was confused, but he skimmed through the articles and the whole entire front page was dedicated to his and Samantha's fight with Serpent from the day before. Konrad saw that the largest picture was of Samantha carrying Cadence to the ambulance in front of the burning dojo. A few other pictures captured the moments when Samantha was fighting with his ninjalings from the Academy of Serpents, and another picture showed Aerohawk getting stabbed in the stomach with Serpent's blade.

'Of course they took a picture of that.' Konrad rolled his eyes, but his mother pointed to a certain article on the bottom of the page. "Come on over here Sammy, looks like you made a name for yourself." Samantha walked over to where Konrad was and the two looked to where Cadence was pointing. They realized that the journalist who wrote the newspaper had referred to Samantha as 'Sabre Sam'.

Konrad lifted his head to look at Samantha, with a look of wonder on his face, he was the only one who gave her that vigilante name and it was such a new name since he only gave it to her last night. How did the journalist get a hold of it? A sly smile spread across Samantha's face as she lifted herself and walked back over to where Tommy was sleeping.

'Right, ninja.' Konrad smiled as he watched her leave. He stood up and rolled up the newspaper, setting it down next to a 'get well' card that was on her nightstand, it was signed by a man named Gregory Flynn, Konrad didn't know who he was but shrugged it off, figuring it was one of her or Tommy's childhood friends.

"You should get some rest, mum." Konrad muttered as he looked out of the window. "The moon is in the right position in the sky, you see?" Cadence nodded.

"You should too, you have school tomorrow." Konrad sighed as his mother brought up the school word. "Thank you two for stoppin' by, but Konny's right, I needa get some sleep. Take him home, alright Sammy?"

Samantha nodded. "Come on, Konrad, I'll take you home."

Giving a sigh, Konrad leaned down and kissed his mother on the cheek. The two left the hospital room and walked past a doctor, who walked into Cadence and Tommy's room to check up on them. Checking out of the hospital, the two walked to their car and started it up, where Samantha then drove off towards Konrad's home.

Minutes passed and the two eventually pulled up into the Kennedy's driveway. Konrad got out of the car and saluted Samantha, who waved. Shutting the door to the car, Konrad backed up as Samantha peeled out of the driveway and burst off towards her apartment.

Walking up to his front door and unlocking it, Konrad opened up door that lead into the dark house where he didn't bother turning on any of the lights or getting into his pajamas. Instead, he shut the door and locked it, then walked over to the couch in the living room where he plumped down and closed his eyes. The teenager drifted off into a deep sleep quickly.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #17
"New Terror in Detroit"

In almost an instant, Konrad started to dream despite him being in an uncomfortable position on the living room couch. His dream instantly took over his entire mind and it was all that he could think of.

Konrad could seem himself standing in the middle of his high school's main hallway, students rushed past him ignoring him like usual. Something was off however, he was wearing the Aerohawk outfit that Samantha made for him, yet his mask was missing. Everyone in the hallway could see Aerohawk's true identity, if only they paid any attention at all towards Konrad. No one cares about him until he puts on the mask, and even then he hasn't done anything worth while. Konrad slowly lowered his head as students rushed past him, until a fiery explosion erupted down the hallway in front of him, causing him to turn his head away and lift his hands up to block the heat, the students around him started running away from the fire.

What caused the fire? Was it someone out to kill him? How did they figure out that Konrad was Aerohawk? Was his school safe from someone willing to attack it? Was HE, even willing to save anyone without his mask covering his face?

Whatever was going on, Konrad had to stop the fire somehow and save everyone in the school. He stood confidently as the flames approached closer to him and students rushed away from them. Bursting off into a sprint, Konrad decided to forget the mask and run towards the fire, until the flames eventually engulfed him.

"Gah!" Konrad shouted as his eyes opened up and he jolted up from his position on the couch, causing him to fall onto the floor. "Weird, I remember that dream vividly.." Konrad spoke to himself as he lifted himself up from the ground and stretched. He shook the thought off of his head and looked over at the clock, it was almost 11:00 in the morning.

'Shit!' Konrad thought as he quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed his backpack, slipped on his shoes, and headed out towards his car. He started up the car and burst out of the garage, speeding towards his school. He was late, again.

Eventually arriving in the parking lot of his high school, Konrad was reluctant to find a parking spot where he quickly parked his car and exited from it, he locked his car and quickly ran towards the school. Right now, his 3rd period class was barely beginning and it was time for him to get to class.

The bell rang for 3rd period as he entered the school and he managed to weave his way through the crowds that quickly dispersed into the hallways. 'Slow it down, Konrad, no need to rush now.' He thought to himself as he took a deep breath and started walking slowly towards his class. People started giving him weird looks, more than usual. He didn't forget his pants did he? He made that mistake once in the past and people wouldn't let go of that thought for weeks.

Eventually, Konrad walked through the door to his 3rd period class, history class. The teacher gave him a concerned look and an awkward nod as Konrad made his way to his seat, what was going on, why was everyone looking at him weird?

At that moment, one of his few friends walked into the room, it was Tyler, you know, that stoner kid from a few chapters back. "Konrad, you're here!" He shouted as he rushed up to his buddy and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm always here, what're you talkin' about?" Konrad asked. Tyler removed his hand and sat down in the seat next to Konrad.

"Everyone saw the newspaper, they saw that Aerohawk dude and Sam chick saving your mother and uncle from that burning building. I wanted to make sure my bud made it to school and wasn't depressed."

"I'm fine, thanks Ty." Konrad replied. Tyler nodded. "If you needa talk, just ask and I can talk, no problemo." Tyler replied.

Konrad lifted his hand and patted Tyler's back as students shuffled into the classroom. "Thanks man, you're a real pal." Tyler smiled and stood up, walking to a different desk where he sat down and waited for class to begin.

As usual, class was very boring, boring enough to let Konrad sleep throughout the whole hour, fortunately that dream from earlier didn't return. Class seemed to go by quickly as Konrad slept, and the teacher didn't notice. Eventually the bell rang, indicating that it was time for 2nd lunch, the lunch that Konrad had. He quickly grabbed his stuff and booked it through the hallways, trying to make his way to the parking lot of the school.

Through the hallways, people started giving him looks of concern, as if they all wanted to talk to him and tell him that his family was gonna be okay. 'Why didn't they care when my father or sister died.' Konrad scoffed in his thoughts as he rushed through the crowds of people, eventually making his way through the front doors of the school. Students who had a driver's license were allowed to leave campus and get lunch at a fast food restaurant, as long as they made it back to class by the time the bell rang. It was a privilege that god offered, that's what it was.

Students scuffled around on the pavement leading down to the parking lot, where Konrad quickly looked for his car so he could leave and grab a quick bite to eat.

That's when everything turned to shit.

A car quickly burst into the parking lot, causing a few students to leap out of it's way. He skidded and spun around until it was in a complete halt and a group of three people exited from the car, they all looked too old to be students from the school. Two of the people lifted guns in the air and fired into the sky, causing the high school students to duck and scuttle around, screams erupted from the crowd as people freaked out.

Konrad watched the whole scene unfold, unsure of what to do. Was now his time to head back into the school and change into Aerohawk, was this his moment to go Spider-Man on these punks and stop them from attacking his school? It was then that a female with long red hair stepped out of the driver seat of the vehicle. Half of her red hair was shaved down to the skin, leaving her red bangs to rest along her right shoulder. She didn't have a gun but she was wearing a white button up shirt with a red bow tie and brown vest along with brown pants, a ridiculous get-up.

"Where is Konrad Kennedy!" The girl shouted as her crew fired more guns up into the air. A few students shouted and pointed back to where Konrad was standing, the girl and her crew looked up to the teenager.

Konrad gulped and thought to himself. 'Well, too late to change now.'
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #18
"Fortuneia, The Baddest of Fortunes!"

'Don't tell me that Romanello fuckin' published a book named 'Aerohawk is Konrad Kennedy!' If he did, I'll fuckin' kill him two times.' Konrad thought to himself as he looked down at the girl and her crew holding their guns, pointed at him and the front doors to the school.

The girl lifted her arm and signaled for the men with guns to not fire at Konrad, she seemed as though she wanted a civil discussion first.

"You're Konrad Kennedy, yes?" The girl shouted up to him as students on campus started to calm down, a few of them managed to run away but the screams calmed down overall. Konrad lifted his hand and gave her a thumbs up, indicating that he was indeed Konrad.

"Good!" The girl shouted. "You may call me, Fortuneia." Konrad rose an eyebrow on the outside, but on the inside his heart was pounding, he didn't know what to do in this situation. Innocent people could die if he made the wrong move, people he knew.

"Is it cause you bring good fortune to people?" Konrad shouted down to her, trying to smooth things over. Fortuneia laughed. "No, I normally do the opposite, at least that's what my boss tells me. Would you mind coming down here and talking to us? We'd love for you to come down here and make a negotiation with us."

"I can hear you just fine from up here, thanks!" Konrad shouted, the students around him were wondering how he was keeping his cool. "What's the negotiation?"

"You know Aerohawk and Sabre Sam, our boss tells us that you do." Fortuneia walked a few inches closer causing a few students to start running away from her. "He wants us to convince you to come peacefully with us and meet with him. If you don't do it peacefully, he ordered us to kill you."

"What makes you think I have connections to Aerohawk?" Konrad asked, he was glad that she didn't know HE was Aerohawk. "Our boss has ways of knowing things, Kennedy." She replied.

Konrad shook his head. "Well no, I'm not going with you if your 'boss' knows things. If he knows things, then he could easily track down Aerohawk and Sabre Sam, no?"

Fortuneia grit her teeth and lifted her hand as she turned around, walking back to her crew's car. "Fire away guys, he's right."

'Oh.' Konrad thought to himself as the crew lowered their arms and pointed guns at Konrad, the students started to scream again and started running away as the guns fired.

"Konrad move!" A voice shouted, pushing at Konrad's legs causing him to fall to the ground, the bullets barely missed the teenager as he fell, they shattered the glass doors behind him. Konrad fell to the ground as bullets continued to fire up at him, he turned his head and noticed Clarity laying on the ground next to him. "Clarity, thanks!" He muttered.

Clarity nodded and tugged at his shirt collar, she pulled Konrad across the ground and the two were behind a concrete sign next to the front doors of the school, it served as cover from the bullets.

Konrad grit his teeth as he listened to the gunfire behind the barricade. There was no way he could make it into the school if they had intent on killing.

"Oh shit, they're killing people!" Konrad muttered, forgetting Clarity was next to him. He quickly reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone, dialing Samantha's cell phone number.

"What are you doing, calling 911?" Clarity asked. Konrad shook his head and decided to peak over the school sign the two were hiding behind as the phone rang. "Someone better." He muttered, noticing that the ground in front of the school was massively torn up from the bullets hitting the ground. Konrad was glad to see that people managed to leave the scene and escape, however a few unfortunate souls were unlucky, and were gunned down on the grass next to Fortuneia's vehicle. He could see a few people still struggling to escape from the crossfire, Cliff being one of them.

Konrad could hear Samantha pick up her cell phone and he was about to shout something at her, but a bullet smacked into his phone. The phone landed on the ground with the bullet hole destroying it and the impact on the ground added salt to the wound, Clarity pulled Konrad down back next to her.

"Is the school on lockdown?" Konrad asked her. Clarity nodded. "Good." He muttered. "I'll be right back, I saw Cliff out there, I gotta save him!"

"They'll shoot you!" Clarity shouted as she watched him stand up. Konrad looked down at her in confidence, remembering his dream from this morning about him running into the fire.

"I gotta save him." He repeated as he burst off running down the concrete, hiding behind trees as bullets whizzed past him. He was lucky that he wasn't getting shot. Going from tree to tree, he eventually made his way down to where Cliff was running and quickly tackled him to the ground as a bullet whizzed past his back, completely tearing open the back of Konrad's shirt.

Cliff looked up and noticed Konrad confidently pulling him up off of the ground and pulling him to safety behind a tree. Bullets sped past the two, a few more slit open Konrad's cheek and cut open his leg.

"Wow, thanks Konrad!" Cliff shouted, he was surprised to be saying this to someone he would bully every single day.

"Don't worry about it, man." Konrad replied as he quickly motioned for Cliff to follow him, the two eventually made it back to where Clarity was sitting, no casualties. Clarity looked down at Konrad's leg and noticed him bleeding from the bullets.

"Konrad, what the hell?!" She shouted as she quickly took off her jacket and placed it on his leg. Konrad pushed the jacket off and gave her a smile.

"I'm fine, thanks for the concern." Konrad muttered. "I've had this happ-" He stopped himself before he could give himself away.

"Well, thanks for bein' the hero today, Kennedy. Even though you're getting people killed!" Cliff shouted, still seeming to hold a grudge against the person who saved his life. What a prick right?

"Don't worry, I called in for some help." Konrad muttered as the gunfire stopped.

"Who?" Clarity asked, she then lifted her head over the school sign along with Konrad and Cliff to peer over the school sign, they saw a car slammed into Fortuneia's car and all of the guns were scattered on the ground as a few of her men were sprawled on the concrete.

"Aerohawk's here to save the day?" Konrad asked, surprised. He saw someone wearing his Aerohawk outfit standing on top of the car that slammed into Fortuneia's car. It was Samantha's car.

Konrad was glad to see that Samantha knew what was going on, although why was she wearing his outfit instead of her own? Either way, she came to help, and that was all that mattered.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #19
"Dual Identities"

Managing to get out of the way before the car crash, Fortuneia lifted herself up from the ground and looked up at Samantha, who was wearing Aerohawk's costume. A few of Fortuneia's crew members slowly got to their feet, they were badly damaged from Samantha crashing her car into theirs.

"Good, the main course is ready folks!" Fortuneia shouted as she lifted her hands into the air towards Samantha. "Time for us to eat and take the left overs to the boss, eh?" Her men tried their best to act excited, but couldn't due to their injuries. Samantha looked down at Fortuneia and then turned her gaze to look over at Konrad, who was still hiding behind the school sign with Clarity and Cliff, she wasn't speaking to the attackers due to her feminine voice, it would compromise who Aerohawk truly was.

Konrad stood up and tried to motion to her, he moved his hands in front of his chest showing Samantha that she had breasts, unlike Aerohawk. He mouthed the words 'What are we gonna do?!' Samantha widened her eyes as she realized that she was wearing a skin tight suit and that anyone could see that she was a girl rather than a man.

With that thought striking her mind, she lunged off of the car as Fortuneia's men grabbed their guns off of the ground and started shooting at her. She ducked behind a few of the cars as the bullets wailed the ground around her.

"Did you see that Clarity, he looked at us, at me!" Cliff seemed like a little child, he seemed to forget that Konrad was even there. 'So much for saving him and getting him off of my back.' Konrad thought as he realized there were still a few students hiding behind cover around the area who haven't managed to get to safety. With Fortuneia and her crew busy trying to shoot at Samantha, Konrad realized it was his duty to get everyone to safety on his own. This was his comic after all.

"Everyone, get inside!" Konrad shouted over the gun shots as he rushed to the glass doors leading into the school, he could see that a few of the faculty members were inside, trying to get stray students to safety. Upon opening the doors, every student remaining outside rushed towards the school, Clarity and Cliff included. Konrad nodded his head as Cliff passed him, the two were at a truce for now it seemed, even though Konrad just saved the kid's life.

Konrad quickly scanned over the area making sure everyone was safely inside, a sickness sprouted in his gut as he looked at the dead bodies on the ground, the unfortunate souls who were unable to make it to safety before Fortuneia laid siege on the school. Hopefully none of them were people he knew, right? There were only a few dead bodies, Konrad was hoping that none of his few friends were hurt during the attack.

But he was wrong.

When he was about to close the door and enter the school, Konrad saw one of the dead bodies slumped against a tree in the far corner of the front entrance to the school. It was his friend, Tyler, he was shot in the head trying to escape. Konrad's jaw dropped as he saw his dead friend slumped against the tree.

"No!" Konrad shouted, letting his thoughts escape his mouth. This caught the attention of a faculty member nearby who quickly rushed over to Konrad and grabbed his shoulder. The faculty member pulled Konrad further into the school before he could run to the body of his fallen friend.

Konrad's vision was blurry as the faculty member pulled him through the halls towards a safe room. However he couldn't make it, Konrad stumbled to the ground and blacked out. He failed at being a hero, someone else was wearing his costume doing his work and he couldn't even save his friend.

Konrad eventually woke up, he was alone in the nurse's office after blacking out. Everything was happening so fast, the shooting, the death of his friend, everything just caved in on him today. He lifted himself up and got off of the bed he was laying on and stumbled as his vision cleared. 'Thank god no one is here.' He thought as he shook his head. In an instant, he fell to his knees on the ground.

'What am I gonna tell Alexis? What am I gonna tell his parents?' Konrad thought to himself as he looked at the ground and a tear fell onto the ground. The sight of Tyler's dead body slumped against the tree and the thought of his parents trying to recover from the death of their son would forever haunt Konrad, he knew what it was like to lose someone he loved in a matter of minutes and now it was happening again, to someone else.

How he hated the feeling. Gritting his teeth as he slammed his fist into the ground, Konrad didn't know what to do. Was he worthy of being a hero? He couldn't handle everything happening so quickly, people were dying. Taking a deep breath to let his mind clear, Konrad was relieved to remember Samantha fighting outside for him.

"Samantha!" Konrad mumbled under his breath, he had to get out there. He didn't know how long he was unconscious for, but he had to get out there and help her, somehow. 'But how?' Konrad thought as he looked around the room, he was reluctant to see one of the drapes hanging up next to a bed. Grabbing it and pulling it off of the thing it was hanging on, Konrad wrapped the drape around his neck to serve as a hood and cloak. He couldn't find anything else worthy enough to wear as a backup costume so he decided to stick with the drapes.

Konrad exited out of the nurse's office and noticed that no one was roaming the hallways. 'Thank god.' He thought as he quietly closed the door behind him. He sprinted towards the front entrance of the school as quick as he could.

Upon kicking open the front doors to the school and shattering the glass on the ground, Konrad looked around and noticed the dead bodies still scattered around on the ground, police sirens blared in the distance as they slowly approached the school. Fortuneia was gone and so was Samantha.

"No, no no no." Konrad muttered as he ditched the drapes and ran to the parking lot where he looked around, Samantha wasn't in sight. "NOT HER TOO!" He shouted as he lifted his hands up to his head, he didn't want to lose anyone else, especially her. He stepped on something during his freak out and looked down, noticing it was a bent playing card that someone would use to play in poker. Konrad bent down and picked it up and turned it over to look at it, it was blank except for the symbol of a pure red crescent moon. Below the moon symbol, the words "Come and get her, Aerohawk." were scrawled out in red writing. Konrad slid the card into his pocket so he could hunt down Fortuneia.

He was going to kill her if she killed Samantha.

Scanning the parking lot, Konrad saw a piece of white fabric laying on the ground off in the distance, he burst off towards it, picking it up when he managed to get to it. Konrad's face went blank as he looked at the fabric, he tensed up causing the mask to fall back to the ground with him frozen in place in shock.

It was the Aerohawk mask with a bullet hole through the top of the mask.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #20
"The Vigilante Wanted Dead Or Alive"

"I didn't pay you to kidnap a random girl wearing a white spandex uniform!" A deep voice shouted, causing Samantha to slowly open her eyes. Her vision was slurred and she couldn't see straight. She tried blinking to clear her vision.

"No, but it'll draw him to us." A female shouted back. Samantha could tell that it was Fortuneia shouting at someone. Her head stopped spinning as her vision cleared and she saw that she was tied to a chair in the middle of an empty warehouse. The Aerohawk outfit that she was wearing was tattered and torn from her fight with Fortuneia and her crew in the parking lot of Konrad's school.

In almost an instant, the butt of a pistol slammed against her head, causing her vision to go blurry once more. "She's awake, boss!" A man shouted. Samantha lifted her head and winced as the lights in the empty warehouse seemed to get brighter. A man and woman walked over to where she was tied up.

"Glad to see ya's awake, Sabre." The deep voice mumbled as Samantha's vision came back to her. Narrowing her eyes in anger, she confronted the man in front of her.

"Romero Romanello.." She muttered, gritting her teeth. Romanello chuckled as she spat at his feet. Moving his feet back, her bloody spit missed and hit the ground. "Well, looks like the Red Moons ain't as goofy as they sound when it comes to a school shooting, huh?" Romanello chuckled as he patted Samantha on the cheek, she would've hit him if she wasn't restrained to a chair.

How long was she out? What did they do to her while she was unconscious? Probably nothing since she felt clean, thankfully.

"I apologize for dragging you into this mess, especially since you saved my life way back when, when that psycho Aerohawk tried to murder me." Romanello continued as he circled around the chair Samantha was restrained too. People were scattered all around the warehouse, most of them were wearing red signifying that they all had something in common, perhaps in a gang together.

"But, when someone partners up with an enemy of mine, my dear girl." He leaned in close and put his hand on Samantha's chin. "They become MY enemy." He smiled and playfully pushed Samantha's chin away, causing her neck to jerk.

"Why are you after him.." Samantha muttered as she eyeballed the mob boss in front of her. Romanello laughed as he stepped back and looked at her.

"He ruined my reputation, he turned the criminal empire that I molded for over 50 years into an auction for any gang here in Detroit to take over and rule as their own." Romanello cracked his knuckles. "The kid stepped into a game bigger than he was and now I want him dead." He turned his head to look at Fortuneia. "But sometimes, you can't trust people with jobs. I ordered ya to find and kill Aerohawk, not his partner!"

"When we went to confront Kennedy, he said that he had no affiliation with Aerohawk. Then she showed up and we just assumed-" Fortuneia was cut off by Romanello.

"You believed him? I thought you were good fortune, not shitty fortune." Romanello sighed as Samantha spoke up.

"It was you..." She muttered. "You are the one who ordered Serpent to attack Thomas Kennedy's dojo, correct?" Romanello shook his head and looked at her in a confused tone. "Why would I need someone other than these guys to do my bidding?" He laughed and continued to speak. "I thank 'Serpent' for trying to help me out though. Coincidences are great are they not? I'm surprised the kid even survived getting stabbed in the stomach."

"Aerohawk has come a long way since his fight with you and your mobsters, Romanello." She glared him down, using the Aerohawk code name to protect Konrad's identity in this warehouse full of random criminals since only she and Romanello knew who Aerohawk truly was.

"Has he now?" Romanello snickered. "Well then why did he rely on you to save him?" He went along with the game Samantha was trying to play.

"Because unlike me, he has an identity to protect. He has a life worth living and he would have compromised it today if I did not step in and aid him." Samantha had a snarky tone in her voice as the mob boss leaned back.

"I didn't wanna hurt ya, Sabre. This little dispute is between me and Aerohawk, not you." He turned his head to Fortuneia. "You might have made a mistake, but I assume Red Moon won't."

"No he won't, Mr. Romanello." Fortuneia bowed.

Samantha seemed confused. "Red Moon?" She asked.

Romanello turned his attention back towards Samantha and looked her dead in the eyes. "Don't ya know who these people are? They're part of the Red Moon Gang."

"The criminals who have taken your spot as this city's lead scumbag.." Samantha continued his statement. Romanello nodded and turned around.

"Indeed, and now that you have gotten yourself in this mess, when Aerohawk arrives to save you, he will have to deal with the wrath of the Red Moon." Fortuneia reached in her pocket and tossed a playing card back to Samantha as she followed Romanello away. The playing card slid across the floor and a pure red crescent moon was seen on the playing card. The lights in the warehouse shut off as the criminals left, leaving Samantha tied to her chair, defenseless and alone.
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The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20) Empty
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The Sharp Edges of Fate (Issues #9 - #20)
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