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 Sabre Sam

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Origin Story

Full Name: Samantha Didi-Octavia
Aliases: Sabre Sam
Nicknames: Sam
Place of Birth:
First Appearance: Undertone Comics - "The Phenomenal Aerohawk" Issue #8
Alignment: Good

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 5'9 // 175 cm
Weight: 146 lbs // 66 kg
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brunette

Social Life
Occupation: Trained Ninja, ?, ?, ?
Base: Detroit, Michigan
Love Interests: ?
Relatives: Sebastian Octavia (Father, deceased), Mabel Didi Octavia (Mother, Missing/Deceased), Baxter Didi-Octavia (Twin Brother, deceased), Konrad Kennedy (Younger Brother-like Figure)
Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?

Heroic Life
Partner: Aerohawk (On Occasion), Turboshot (On Occasion)
Heroic/Non Heroic Affiliations: Defenders of Detroit, Academy of Serpents
Romanello Mob (Group)
Academy of Serpents (Group)
Serpent (? Octavia)
Fortuneia (Cindy Mathys)
Red Moon Gang (Group)

Powers: No powers.
Abilities: Enhanced reflexes, master of sword fighting, increased knowledge on multiple forms of martial arts, and skilled in the art of stealth.
Equipment: A single saber sword

Sabre Sam   WhxYJAD
(Samantha Didi-Octavia, Academy of Serpents Outfit, Sabre Sam)


Intelligence: 80/100
Strength: 22/100
Speed: 66/100
Durability: 25/100
Power: 39/100
Combat: 97/100

Overall Rating: 329/600
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Sabre Sam
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