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 Aerohawk's Side Characters

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PostSubject: Aerohawk's Side Characters   Aerohawk's Side Characters I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2015 11:44 am

Listed below are the side characters in 'The Phenomenal Aerohawk' series along with a short description of each character.

Personal Life
Lawrence Samson: Konrad Kennedy's grandfather and the original owner of the Aerohawk mantle. A street-level vigilante who dedicated his life to thwarting Romero Romanello and his mob from taking over the city of Detroit after Romanello killed his wife and nearly killed his children, Cadence and Thomas. (More will be revealed when I start writing out Colonel Apex Comics)

Elinor Samson: Konrad's grandmother and wife to Lawrence Kennedy. She was killed by Romero Romanello when Cadence and Thomas were little children and was ultimately the driving force for Lawrence becoming the original Aerohawk.

Thomas 'Tommy' Samson: Konrad's Uncle and younger brother to Cadence Kennedy. He managed to survive Romero Romanello's deadly assault as a child, however his mother, Elinor, was not so fortunate to survive. Not wanting the same fate to happen to his family when he was an adult, Thomas opened up a martial arts dojo in uptown Detroit and taught his children self defense. He would soon teach Konrad basic martial arts skills after Cadence gave him the mantle of the masked vigilante.

Cadence Samson Kennedy: Konrad's widowed mother. Her mother was killed when she was a young age and she spent the majority of her childhood having to deal with her father's antics as Aerohawk. When her father died, he gave the mantle of Aerohawk to his daughter who eventually passed it down the line to her son, Konrad.

Clifford Kennedy: Konrad's father and Cadence's deceased husband. A loving family man who was killed by Romero Romanello's mob when driving his daughter, Allison, to school one fateful morning. He served as one of the major causes for Cadence's grief and Konrad's motivations to become the masked vigilante known as Aerohawk.

Allison 'Allie' Kennedy: Konrad's little sister, the youngest member of the Kennedy family, and an overall sweet girl. She was killed by Romanello's mob when her father was driving her to school on one fateful morning. Serving as another cause for Cadence's grief and another motivation for Konrad to take the mantle of Aerohawk.

School Life
Cliff Augustine: Captain of the football team at Konrad's high school. He is the douchiest guy you can encounter on campus and always sets his bullying antics on Konrad. Over time, Cliff's attitude towards Konrad has lightened and his hardcore bullying has transitioned into a playful teasing every now and then. He ironically idols Aerohawk.

Clarity Cullens: The most popular girl in Konrad's grade. Serving as the vigilante's love interest for a small chunk of his story.

Tyler Philips: Konrad's best friend and closest friend ever since middle school. When Tyler was killed during the Red Moon Gang's attack on their high school, he became one of the major inspirations for Konrad to keep onto the mantle of Aerohawk as a full time duty.

Alexis Raymond: Tyler's girlfriend and a friend of Konrad's.

Mr. Redmond: Konrad's math teacher.

Vigilant/Heroic Life
Commisioner Ronald Radcliff: ?

Detective Jennette Carmine: ?

Officer Archie Roberts: ?
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Aerohawk's Side Characters
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