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 Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)

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Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) Empty
PostSubject: Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)   Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2015 12:46 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #1
"Here Comes the Aerohawk!"

It was a dark and rainy night and a robbery had just been called in to the police. A group of five robbers wearing ski masks had robbed the First Independence Bank in Detroit, Michigan. Rushing to the crime scene, an officer walked down an alleyway near the bank.

Holding his gun ready to fire in worry that someone would jump him, the officer cautiously stepped into a dark alley with the flashing lights on his patrol car illuminating his way. Getting into cover behind a corner, he peaked around the corner and noticed four robbers laying on the ground unconscious, bags of money were sprawled around the ground around them. The police officer eased up and walked up to the group of robbers laying on the ground. "This is Officer Roberts calling into the station." He spoke into a walky talky attached to his uniform. "I've located the group of robbers in an alley way on 3rd Avenue, requesting for nearby assistance, over." Officer Roberts bent down to grab a bag of money laying next to a robber, but he noticed a small business card laying next to it. He picked up the card and looked at it, there were words on it.

"I've dealt with the situation here officers, no need to worry anymore." Officer Roberts flipped the card over and the word 'Aerohawk' was scrawled out. The officer was curious as to who this 'Aerohawk' was as he heard police sirens blaring in the distance, rushing to his position. "Wait a second.." He said to himself. "Weren't there five of these punks?"  

On a rooftop above where the robbers were laying, a figure stood up after watching the officer pick up his calling card. The figure burst off into a sprint, running along the rooftop, jumping from building to building. The figure was wearing black sneakers, black athletic pants and a white hoodie worn over a black, long sleeve shirt and black fingerless gloves. He had a white mask on over his head so no one would see who he was. His name was Aerohawk.

Running along the side of the roof he was on, Aerohawk peered over the edge and noticed a white van speeding on the street below him, it was approaching fast. Noticing a fire escape over to his right, Aerohawk quickly slid down the rails and grabbed hold of the ladder that descended onto the ground. The sound of the van approaching got louder as it got closer and closer to where Aerohawk was, the sounds of police sirens blared behind the van. With a quick swing off of the ladder, Aerohawk flew into the street and landed on top of the van as it drove past. The speed of the van jerked Aerohawk forward, almost ripping his arm off as he caught onto the top of the van.

"Slow down, would ya?" Aerohawk shouted as he crawled to the windshield and peered down into the driver's seat. The robber let out a scream of surprise as he started to swerve, trying to knock the vigilante off of the van. Hitting a curb, the van flipped over and started rolling down the street, totaling the vehicle.

The police cars pulled up next to the destroyed van, with a badly wounded robber laying next to the vehicle. Aerohawk had pulled him out of the vehicle before it flipped, saving his life. The officers rushed up to the robber and took him into custody.

However Aerohawk was still near, up on the rooftop next to the crash, the vigilante peered down onto the scene. He let out a sigh as he pulled off his mask revealing his young, teenage face. "Heh. At least no one died this time.." He muttered. With a wince, he gripped onto his arm and slowly stepped back off of the edge of the rooftop. He slumped down to sit on top of an air vent and threw his white mask down on the ground in front of him as if angry at it.

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)   Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2015 8:00 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #2
"Romero Romanello, the Mob Boss"

Lifting his arms onto his knees and putting his head in his hands, the teenage boy peaked in between his fingers to look at the white mask lying on the rooftop in front of where he was sitting. He could no longer hear the sirens down on the street, allowing him to take the time to talk to himself. "I.. I don't think I can do this." He muttered as if out of breath from the commotion that happened earlier. "Why is being a vigilante harder than what they make it out to be in the comic books?" He lifted his head from his hands as the pain in his arm started to go away.

The boy didn't stand, nor did he make any movement, all he did was look at his mask on the ground with a blank stare. "Tell me how you did it gramps..." He closed his eyes and thought to himself why he was doing this in the first place.

"Konrad, I made you breakfast!" A voice called from the distance causing Konrad to open his eyes. He sat up and realized he was now in his bed at his home in downtown Detroit. Konrad rubbed his eyes and pushed the covers off of himself, he sluggishly walked downstairs to where the voice called out, he saw his mother standing in front of the sink, cleaning a few dishes as a plate sat on a nearby counter with a sunny side up egg on the plate. She was already dressed in her work clothes.

"What are you doin' here, mum?" Konrad asked. "You're usually working at this time." His mother turned her head and rose an eyebrow. "Are you complaining that I made my own son something to eat?" Konrad shook his head and immediately started to eat so the food wouldn't get cold.

Konrad's mother finished cleaning the dishes and she walked over to Konrad, giving him a kiss. "If it makes you any happier, I will be going to work now since I called in late." She grabbed her purse and started walking towards the front door. "Make sure to lock the house when you leave, and close the garage when you leave this time." Konrad lifted his head and shooed her out the door. "Love you!" She said, taking his cue. He told her he loved her back as the door closed, leaving him alone to finish eating.

Noticing a newspaper laying on the counter in front of him, Konrad grabbed it and pulled it close enough for him to read it. The front headliner was something boring, much like any other newspaper, however he noticed something crossed out on the bottom of the front page in red pen. Trying to read through the red markings, Konrad was able to read a few words. 'Mobster.' He muttered out loud. 'At Large.' He let out a sigh as he tried to see who it was, but all he could see was the name 'Romanello.'

"Figures, that's why she was acting too happy this morning." Konrad spoke to himself, talking about his mother. It had been 6 weeks since the mobster known as 'Four Fingers' killed Konrad's father and younger sister in what seemed to be like an 'accident' as the public called it, leaving Konrad and his mother alone in their home. Four Fingers' real name was actually Romero Romanello, he was a mob boss who came from European descent, he was very famous in the downtown Detroit area and everyone knew him, as if he was like a celebrity.

Konrad's mother had started to get too clingy when it came to Konrad and his social life, since he was the last family member she had and didn't want to lose him. "Romero Romanello was always a shitty name, sounds like a kind of Italian dressing." Konrad tried making humor despite no one being around. "If I had the chance, I'd kill 'em for what he did to my family." He muttered, finishing his food and cleaning up around him.

Konrad made his way to the garage and got in his car, starting it up and driving down the driveway, he closed the garage doors and started speeding down the road towards his school. Like any other senior in high school, Konrad loved his car and especially loved to flaunt off it's speed despite his mother telling him to be cautious. He peaked at the clock on his dashboard and saw that school started in 5 minutes.

'Shit!' He thought to himself as he increased his speed down the road, causing a few cars to honk at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)   Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2015 8:03 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #3
"Loner By Day... Loner By Night?"

Managing to pull into a parking spot, Konrad quickly scuttled out of his car and ran in the front doors of the school as the tardy bell rang. 'Dang, I was so close too!' He thought himself, he kept getting tardy after tardy and didn't want any of them to affect his school record. He sprinted through the halls until he reached his classroom, where he yanked open the door and quickly stepped inside. Upon entering the classroom, Konrad bumped into the shoulder of a boy causing the hot coffee the boy was holding to spill onto the front of his jacket. The two boys looked at the coffee stain and lifted their heads to look at each other. It was Cliff Augustine, the captain of the school's football team and Grade A Douchebag.

"Er, uh. Sorry cliff!" Konrad muttered as he noticed Cliff's face start to turn red, whether it was from anger or from him trying to hold in the pain of the hot coffee, Konrad didn't know. Cliff opened his mouth ready to cuss Konrad out, but was interrupted by the teacher, Mr. Redmond.

"Mr. Augustine, try not to drip any of that on my floor, just go to the bathroom." Cliff quickly pushed Konrad out of the way before Mr. Redmond could finish, the class watched as Mr. Redmond shook his head and looked at Konrad. "Take a seat, Mr. Kennedy." He muttered as he walked back to his desk. Konrad nodded and shuffled towards his desk as the class was silent, a few muffled laughs escaped into the air. Throwing his backpack onto his desk, Konrad slumped into his desk at the back of the class. He shifted his eyes to look at a girl sitting next to him, only to shift them back to the front of the room after he realized she was looking at him. The girl was Clarity Cullens, the prettiest and most popular girl in school who Konrad ironically had a crush on. He was reluctant to sit next to her in their math class, too bad their teacher was such a hard ass and doesn't allow talking of any kind.

Class seemed to go by quickly thanks to Konrad cautiously watching the door, waiting for Cliff to come back to class. But he never did. As class ended, Konrad quickly walked to his next class, and then finished the rest of the school day without seeing Cliff at all.

'How pathetic am I?' Konrad thought to himself as he exited out of his final classroom, preparing to head off to his car and drive home. 'I'm 17, a senior in high school, and I still worry about bullies trying to pick fights with me.' He shook his head as he weaved through the crowds of people in the hallways. 'I wouldn't mind, if I actually had any friends to help me out incase I ever were to get in a fight with anyone.' You see, Konrad was one of those loner kids when it came to his social life, not quite a geek or nerd, yet he wasn't a stoner. He just wasn't social and didn't like to engage in conversation with anyone so he never made any friends that actually stuck around. It kinda sucked actually, Konrad never really went out on Friday nights with any friends, he just stayed home and tried to keep himself occupied.

Bumping into people on his way out of the front doors of the school, Konrad looked straight into the parking lot to see if he could find his car. He did find his car, unfortunately, Cliff and a few of his football friends were hanging around Konrad's car, keying it. Konrad slipped into a group of people and made his way into the parking lot, hiding behind cars as he tried to think of a way to get to his car.

'What to do?' Konrad started freaking out as he thought to himself, people gave him weird looks as their walked past him, he was hiding behind a car eyeing down the football team after all. 'I needa figure out a way to sneak around these cars, Batman style, and get into my car before they notice me.'

A girl walked up to Konrad and tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to jump. "Er, excuse me?" she kindly asked with a smile, Konrad gave an awkward smile and stepped away, apologizing as she got into her car. He snuck up behind the next car, keeping a firm eye on Cliff and his crew. Trying to not do an army roll, Konrad slowly made his way through the line of cars until he was behind the one that was directly opposite of his car. 'Once I get in my car, should I run 'em over or should I just wait until I can drive straight out without hurting them?' Konrad thought for a second. 'Nah, I should hit 'em.'

Just then, the car he was hiding behind started up, scaring him. The car drove away leaving Konrad out in the open, allowing one of Cliff's buddies to catch sight of him and alert the rest of the crew. Cliff turned around and saw Konrad, who gave an awkward smile. "Hey, Kennedy!" He shouted, he quickly shuffled over to where Konrad was with the other football members walking up next to him.

"Uh, yeah, hey Cliff?" Konrad replied nervously. "I didn't see you during school today, did you catch a cold?" He asked, trying to smooth things over. "Considering you spilled hot coffee on my varsity jacket, I was anything but cold." Cliff replied, his crew laughed. "Oh, right! Sorry about that," Konrad replied. "I'll buy you a fresh coffee tomorrow, but can you let me get to my car please? I'd like to go home." Cliffed slowly got closer to Konrady, standing a few inches taller than he was, he looked down at the brunette haired kid shaking in his boots. "You can get me a coffee, I'd like that a lot actually. But not before I show you what happens to people who disrespect my varsity jacket."

Konrad shook his head and tried to muster a comeback. "I-I er, I didn't mean to disrespect anyt-" He was cut off as Cliff socked him in the cheek, blood flew from Konrad's mouth and landed on a white SUV next to the two. One of Cliff's buddies shouted. "Hey, watch the car, Cliff!" Cliff ignored his friend and prepared to throw another punch at Konrad.

Konrad quickly weaved to the right, dodging the punch that slammed right into the white SUV. Cliff's friend got angrier as he looked at the blood and dent. "Oooh, you're gonna get it now, Kennedy." Konrad burst into a sprint, running away from Cliff and his friends as they started to chase after him. Konrad weaved through cars, running in front of people trying to leave the parking lot. He eventually did a full circle around the parking lot and made it back to his car. 'Phew, good thing I don't have all that muscle like those assholes do. I managed to lose 'em.' He thought as he got into the driver seat, started up his car, and drove back to his home.

When he arrived home, Konrad was glad that his mother didn't return until after he did, she would've freaked if she saw that he had gotten into a fight at school. Dropping his backpack on the floor, he quickly rushed up the stairs and turned on the bathroom lights. Looking into the mirror, he noticed the blood wasn't so bad, all he needed to do was clean it up a little and put a band-aid over the cut, no biggy right?

Wiping the blood off of his cheek and lips with a tissue, Konrad opened the cupboard underneath the sink to throw the tissue away, he noticed something in the garbage can out of coincidence and decided to look at it. Pulling the garbage can out of the cupboard, he saw the newspaper from this morning inside of the garbage bin. Did his mother return to the house and decide to throw the newspaper away? 'No, she wouldn't do that.' Konrad shrugged off the thought and pulled it out of the garbage, he saw another newspaper article inside of the garbage bin. Pulling it out, he saw another, another, and another. 'What the fuck, why is she throwing all of these out?' Konrad asked to himself, he looked at the front pages and they all had similar topics on them. All of them were related to the mob boss Romero Romanello. Konrad looked confused, noticing that each newspaper had different dates on them, ranging from 20 years back, to just 6 weeks ago.

Konrad slid the garbage can back into the cupboard and grabbed the newspapers, he was going to take them to his room and look at each of them since he had nothing to do that night. Almost forgetting to get a band-aid for the cut on his cheek, he opened up a nearby drawer and poked inside trying to find the band-aids. They weren't anywhere to be found, so he pushed a few things around, managing to find one.

However the band-aid was laying next to a key hidden within the drawer with the label 'Attic' on it. "We have an attic?" Konrad spoke out loud to himself as he put the band-aid on his cheek. He grabbed the key and shut the drawer, he was determined to find the attic, so much so that he forgot he left his backpack laying in front of the front door.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)   Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2015 8:40 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #4
"What Lies In The Attic? Time To Find Out!"

Konrad spent the next hour looking for the attic, he had underestimated how well someone could hide a latch and door in the ceiling. Eventually, he found the latch that lead up into the attic, without wasting any time, Konrad grabbed a small step stool and inserted the key he found in the bathroom door into the latch's lock. Turning the key, the lock popped open and Konrad pulled on the latch, a ladder extended out and smacked into his face knocking him off of the step stool and sending him crashing to the ground. 'Ouch, that hurt!' Konrad thought as he rubbed his forehead, peering up the ladder into the dark attic.

He cautiously stood up and ascended up the ladder, making sure to pull the ladder up with him along with shutting the latch door so his mother wouldn't find out he was up here, if she got home that is. Upon closing the attic door, the light that shined up into the room was completely cut off leaving the teenager in pitch darkness. He calmly looked around for a light switch and managed to run into a cord hanging from the ceiling. He pulled the cord and a single lightbulb turned on above him, yet it was all he needed.

Around him in this small attic space, Konrad wasn't surprised to see garbage and junk tossed about, but what got him curious were the newspaper clippings scattered around on the walls. Remembering the newspapers he took from the garbage in the bathroom, Konrad reached in his pocket and pulled them out, unfolding the articles and he began to look at them.

"Well if this doesn't spell coincidence, then what does?" Konrad muttered to himself, he quickly yanked each of the newspaper articles off of the wall and laid them out on the floor in front of him. "These all have somethin' in common, but what?" Konrad continued to speak to himself, something he usually did when alone. "That's it.." he then figured out, peering down towards an article in the corner of his eye, he kneeled down and picked it up.

"This newspaper is 48 years old, don't tell me mum is trying to hire a hit on that douchebag mobster." Konrad realized that each of the articles had something in common with them, two things in fact. Romero Romanello being the first one since apparently Detroit doesn't have anything to report on other than the mob boss of the ghettos. 'Although, despite being in the mob for more than 48 years, he still looks pretty young.' Konrad thought to himself, looking at a picture of Romero from the article 48 years ago, and then quickly glancing over at the one he grabbed from the garbage which was taken a few weeks ago. The only thing different about Romero was his hair color now being gray, and maybe a few scars.

"But what's this?" Konrad muttered as he peaked at another newspaper article from 39 years ago. It had a picture of Romero's mob being taken in by the police and the headline was 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's both!' Konrad shook his head at the cheesy headliner title but decided to keep reading the article. Apparently the only reason why Romero hadn't taken over the entire city of Detroit was due to something, or someone standing in his way.

"Aerohawk?" Konrad muttered as he continued to skim through the articles, a numerous amount of them had contained the word 'Aerohawk' in them. "Who the hell is Aerohawk? He kinda sounds like a lame ripoff of Nightwing." Konrad dropped the newspaper articles and scanned over the vast array of white papers in front of him. "Although he is what kept Romero in line over the years, guess he's kinda cool. Vigilantes are always cool."

While Konrad was scanning over the newspaper articles, his mother opened the front door to their house and locked it behind her. She opened her mouth to shout up to Konrad that she was home, but realized his backpack was on the ground. 'That's odd.' She thought to herself. 'He usually hangs it up in the closet when he gets home.' Picking up his backpack and throwing it on the couch, she walked up the stairs and noticed a drawer in the bathroom open. Running over to it, she quickly noticed that the whole drawer was messed up and that the key to the attic was gone. "Oh no, no no no." She muttered to herself as she backed out of the bathroom and ran to the attic door, the light from the attic peaked down through the cracks in the latch door.

Konrad stood up and dropped the newspapers to the floor as he heard the latch door opening up. Almost giving himself whiplash as he turned around, he watched his mother's head peak up and stare at him. "What do you think you're doing, Konrad?" she roared, not quite in an angry tone, but not in a pleasant one either. "Uh, nothing, doing a little spring cleaning?" Konrad responded as he tried to move in front of the newspapers. His mother lifted herself up and noticed the pile of papers behind him.

"Konrad, please tell me that those newspapers are all that you've found up here." She asked. Konrad lifted an eyebrow, ready for a comeback. "Why, what's up here? Somethin' secret?" He asked. His mother bit her lip and tried to change the subject. "Nothing, I was just coming up here to ask you what you wanted for dinner." Konrad shook his head and lifted his hand. "Yeah, yeah, you can tell me things mum, I'm a grown man who knows how to keep secrets and how to handle himself, I'm not like Allie was." He retorted, bringing up his younger sister who was one of the victims to Romero's mob.

Without letting his mother come up with a comeback, Konrad knew he was going to be in trouble for back talking, but he meant what he said, he was a grown man who could handle himself. "I know you're hiding something and I'm sick of the secrets." His mother opened her mouth, but he stopped her before she could talk. "Who is Aerohawk?" He gave his mother the coldest stare as he pronounced the name.

Lifting her hand up to her mouth, his mother bit her lip again, thinking. "You don't need to know." She replied. "I do." Konrad continued. "I don't want you too." She replied, giving him a harsh tone. "I want to know." Konrad replied. "No, you don't!" She yelled. Konrad didn't flinch from her yelling, instead he continued to give her the cold stare.

His mother dropped her guard as she looked into his eyes. "Don't look at me like that, you look just like..." She stopped. "Like?" Konrad asked. "Like your grandfather." Her gaze dropped to the floor and she shifted her eyes to look at the newspapers. "Just, don't talk Konrad." She muttered as she walked towards him. "Let me show you, you win."

Moving toward Konrad, his mother stepped beside him and moved around the newspapers on the floor, she grabbed onto the garbage and junk that was scattered around the room and moved her hands around until it landed on a grey tarp. She yanked the tarp causing the newspapers to fly around from the wind, and a massive work table was revealed underneath. Next to the work table was a manikin that you would normally find in the front of an Old Navy or any other clothing store, on the manikin was a white and black mask, along with a black trench coat and white clothing that looked like something from the early 1960's underneath the coat. There were pictures of a man who looked to be in his late 20's to early 30's and his family all along the work table and there were newspapers in picture frames attached to the wall, the largest one with the headliner of "Aerohawk, Mysterious Menace or Vigilant Hero?"

Konrad was dumbfounded as he walked over to where his mother was standing, he looked at the pictures of the man and picked one up. "Isn't this.." His mother nodded. "It's your grandfather, Lawrence, with my mother." She gave a small smile. "And these two kids are you and Uncle Tommy?" She nodded. "We were such a cute family." She looked up and glared at the newspaper article on the wall with the Aerohawk headliner. "And then that bitch Romanello took it from us." Lifting her hand up to her mouth, she gave a small gasp. "Sorry, excuse my language." Konrad waved it off and continued to talk.

"I can't believe I never asked you or dad 'bout this, but what did we even do to Romero?" He continued looking at the pictures on the desk as his mother talked. "I don't want to delve into it right now, but your grandfather and Romero were partners once." Konrad's neck shot up and looked at her. "I know, sounds bad right? Your grandfather wasn't a bad man, the two were just friends during their high school days and Romero frequently called your grandfather over incase he needed help with financial issues."

"Ah." Konrad muttered. "But one day, Romero took it too far and killed.." she stopped as a tear dropped from her eye. "The bastard killed my mother and nearly killed your Uncle Tommy." Konrad clenched a fist as he looked at the Aerohawk newspaper article. Silence filled the air as his mother continued to speak. "Your grandfather was so enraged that he made a costume out of his everyday clothing and decided to name himself something 'cool', and then get revenge on Romero."

"What ever happened to him?" Konrad asked. "My grandpa, I mean." His mother continued to talk, waving for him to quiet down and let her finish. "He and Romanello were essentially rivals for many years, the Vigilante vs. the Mob Boss, they were the celebrities of Detroit during their era. Your grandfather had many opportunities to kill Romero, but he didn't." She grit her teeth.

"Why didn't he then?" Konrad asked. His mother shrugged. "Maybe because at his heart, the two of them were still friends, or he just didn't have the heart to take the life of another. Their charade went on for years until Romanello decided enough was enough, and his mob.. got rid of my father. Can we stop this, I don't wanna talk about the two of them anymore."

"One more question and then I'll let you go." Konrad looked into his mother's eyes, red from her tears. "Why didn't you want me up here?" His mother looked down at the ground. "Because I know you, Konrad, always being into those super heroes when you were a kid. Spider-Man and Batman, all of them." Konrad nodded because he knew where this was going. "I knew you'd take any chance you get to be the hero, and ever since Romero killed Clifford and Allie, I knew you'd do anything to get revenge." She sniffed as the tears started to go away. "And the sad thing is, I knew this day would come, and I would actually let you do it."

Konrad seemed shocked, "What do ya mean?" He asked, excited and confused. His mother grabbed onto the knob of a drawer on the desk and pulled it open, she reached inside and pulled out a piece of paper, it was her father's will. Dusting it off, she handed it to Konrad. "Read this." She continued, pointing at the last paragraph.

"And lastly, I can't forget my sweety pie, Cadence." It said, Konrad read out loud. "To my daughter, I leave the mantle of the Aerohawk in her hands. For the rest of her life, my vigilante belongings will belong to her and whomever she weds. She has my blessing to decide to give the mantle to someone else, take it on her own, or let the hero die."

"Doesn't sound like an official will if you ask me, sounds too straight-forward." Konrad muttered. "But I'm not complaining." He lifted his head and handed the paper to his mother. "Are you sure you want me to do this mum?"

Since we now know his mother's name, we'll be using that. Cadence nodded and wiped her eyes from the remainder of the tears. "I know what's right for my family, all I ask is that you promise me something." Konrad looked at her and waited for her to continue. "Don't do what your grandfather did, don't let him get to you before you get to him." Konrad nodded and she leaned in for a hug, the two embraced each other. "Trust me, I want the bastard dead to, Konny." Cadence felt Konrad smile against her cheek. "I promise, mum, I'll get him."

The two let go of each other and Cadence grabbed hold of the white and black mask on the manikin. "Your grandfather may have given your Uncle Tommy all of his fancy cars, but I'll call him over so he can teach you how to handle yourself out on the street. Since you're a man now." She handed him the mask and raised a hand onto Konrad's shoulder. "I'm not such a lame mom now that I'm letting you make your own choices, huh?" The teenager nodded as he gripped the fabric in his hands. Lowering his gaze to look at the mask, he stared towards the eye holes in the mask, the eye holes stared back at him.

Konrad seemed to blink, except instead of being in his attic, he was now standing on the rooftop he was on earlier, after stopping the robber in the van. Konrad clenched onto the mask as lightning and thunder erupted in the distance, hinting at an incoming rain storm. Konrad close his eyes and put the mask on over his head. Lifting his head up to stare in front of him, he opened his eyes and looked off into the distance. "A promise is a promise, mum." He clenched his fist.

"I'll get him."

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Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)   Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2015 8:34 pm

The Phenomenal Aerohawk #5
"Living Up To The Name"

Nearly an hour has passed since Aerohawk disposed of the five bank robbers on 3rd Avenue in downtown Detroit. Located within a shipping container yard located in the west side of downtown Detroit, a large group of mobsters were gathering stacks of money and placing them inside several vans.

Two suited men wearing fedora's named Johnny and Vincent walked up into the larger group of mobsters who were busy at work. "'ey, Romanello, where are ya?" One of the men yelled with a toothpick sticking out of his teeth. The two of them seemed to work very closely with Romero Romanello as his right hand men. A very large and muscular man with white hair walked up behind the two suited men. "Right here, Johnny." he caught Johnny and Vincent off guard, causing them to jump. Upon turning around and seeing Romero Romanello standing behind them, the large mob boss wrapped his massive arms around their shoulders, greeting them.

"Nice ta see you two back to help the rest of us with the money stacks." Romanello spoke in a fluent Italian accent as he talked. He guided he two forward to a stack of money with his arms still around their shoulders. "You two can take this." He seemed jovial around the vast amount of money. "Er, Romanello." Vincent spoke up, afraid to break the boss' attitude. "We came here to tell ya that Ricky and his group won't be joinin' us at the shippin' yard."

"What're ya meanin'?" Romanello asked. "We need everyone here so we can stack up this money before the rain starts brewin'." The thunder and lightning was getting closer to the city. "Well, uh, you see." Johnny spoke up, letting the toothpick drop from his mouth.

"Spit it out, would ya'?" Romanello demanded. Johnny gulped and Vincent had to continue talking, he pushed away from Romero. "Ricky and his group were taken into the police and all of the money they managed to steal was returned back to the First Independence Bank." Romero's jovial smile dropped to a frightening frown as lightning exploded in the sky, lighting up the shipping yard. "What in the hell are ya tellin' me?" He asked again as if he didn't hear.

"They were unconscious in an alleyway and the police took em in. Ricky tried gettin' away with the money while I was on the phone with him, but the last I heard was him screaming and careening off of the road." Johnny lifted his fedora and moved it so he could stare up at Romero's face. "Ya don't think the coppers had anything to do with it?" Romero shook his head. "They wouldn't knock anyone out in an alleyway, they usually just subdue and arrest in the open." Romanello lifted his hands and cracked his knuckles, his two middle fingers were missing leaving the other three and his thumb untouched, each of them had silver rings snug on them.

"Someone had to do it." Vincent replied. "I know." Romanello continued. "Could it be a vigilante?" Johnny asked. "Maybe." Vincent retorted. Lightning erupted once more and the sound of thunder roared as small water droplets started falling from the sky.

Romanello shouted over to the large group of mobsters. "Get the money loaded faster, we gotta get back to the hotel, quick!" Most of the money was already loaded up, leaving a few more stacks containing dozens of cash remaining. "What's that, boss?" One of the mobsters was looking into the sky and pointed, causing Romanello, Johnny, and Vincent to turn around and stare into the sky.

Lightning flashed behind the sky, illuminating a figure standing on top of a large pile of shipping crates staring down at the mob. The lightning allowed for Romanello to see the color of the mask that the figure was wearing. "Is that.. Oh no.. not you.." He muttered. Throwing his arm to the side, he started shouting orders. "Vincent take the other van, we gotta get outta here, fuck the money! Johnny, you and the rest of these chumps deal with him!" With that, he and Vincent burst off into a sprint towards the vans, the mob scattered around the shipping yard as the vans burst off, leaving the rest of the money behind. Grabbing pipes, their guns, and any other weapon they could grab onto, the mob watched as the figure jumped down off of the crates one at a time until he was on the ground level with the rest of them. The mob could now see the man in the white mask.

"Aerohawk?" Johnny questioned as he lifted his gun up and picked the toothpick he dropped up off of the ground. "I thought you were dead, but looks like I'll finally get the chance to kill ya!" He aimed his gun at Aerohawk, causing the vigilante to run and hide behind a pack of shipping containers. The bullets bounced away. "Louis, Tony, go get 'em!" Johnny shouted as two men ran towards the container. Hearing their footsteps, Aerohawk quickly revealed himself and grabbed onto the lead pipe that Tony was holding, he kicked Tony in the stomach and easily disarmed the man taking the weapon for himself. Louis swung his own pipe to strike Aerohawk in the head, but missed and hit the side of the shipping container.

"I thought you guys were the mob, why are you sending two people to fight me?" Aerohawk questioned as he ran up close to Louis and swung the pipe into the mobster's cheek, sending him sprawling onto the ground. Aerohawk quickly jumped in the air and kicked off of the shipping container. "I want a challenge!" He threw his foot and smacked it into Tony's cheek, knocking him onto Louis.

Johnny could hear the commotion and quickly grit his teeth, snapping the toothpick. Aerohawk climbed up on top of the shipping containers, revealing himself to the rest of the mob, "The rest of you chumps, go kill him!" Johnny shouted. Aerohawk counted the mobsters. "About 7 to 1, and you guys have guns." He gave a laugh but was cut off as a bullet whizzed past his head. "I said I wanted a challenge, not an unfair fight!" He started running along on top of the slippery shipping containers as thunder boomed in the air.

Johnny aimed his gun and fired a few rounds at Aerohawk, reluctantly missing the hero who was sprinting on top of the containers. "Listen kid, I dunno who ya are, but you made this an unfair fight when you decided to be a wannabe hero like that other guy!" Johnny retorted, referring to the original owner of the Aerohawk mantle.

"Whoa, lighten up man, I'm just making a joke." Aerohawk replied as he spun and chucked the lead pipe down at Johnny. Johnny stepped back and the pipe smacked the gun out of his hands, crushing the gun's barrel on the ground. "Don't get mad at me when I'm trying to make the fight fair for you guys!" He jumped off of the container towards Johnny as the rest of the mobsters opened fire on the vigilante. Aerohawk quickly tripped Johnny and lunged across the ground, scrambling to grab hold of the lead pipe he threw as bullets smacked onto the ground all around him.

He rolled along the ground, hiding behind the money stacks that Romanello and Vincent left behind. "Hold it, don't hurt the money!" Johnny shouted as he got to his feet, grabbing his fedora. Two mobsters slowly approached the stacks of money with their guns ready, only to have Aerohawk quickly chuck the pipe again, hitting a mobster in the face and knocking him out. The other mobster jumped and quickly tried to fire his gun. Aerohawk managed to put the mobster into a headlock before he could fire his gun.

Holding the mobster in front of him, Aerohawk used him as a shield as the remaining mobsters aimed their guns at him. Johnny got up and looked at the four mobsters, then at Aerohawk holding one of them. "What are you doing, shoot 'em!" Johnny shouted, the mobsters hesitated but a few of them opened fire on Aerohawk. Bullets whizzed past Aerohawk's head, tearing a hole in the side of his mask and cutting his skin, another bullet shot into the mobster's leg causing him to let out a scream of pain.

'I can't believe they'd kill one of their own, I gotta let the guy go and get to safety!.' Aerohawk calmly thought to himself as he let go of the mobster only to have a few bullets shoot into the mobster's chest, blood sprayed onto Aerohawk's hoodie. He lunged to the side to get back into cover behind the money stacks and time seemed to slow down as a bullet whizzed past his chest, hitting it and tearing open his skin and tearing his hoodie. He wanted to scream, but he remained strong, trying to hold in the pain.

Johnny took a moment to look over the remainder of the mobsters, four of them remained. Three of them were knocked out already and one was dead. Turning his head to look at the guy who killed the mobster that Aerohawk used as a shield, Johnny started to speak. "Hey Jacky, mind if I see your gun?" Jacky looked confused at first but decided to toss Johnny the gun since his was busted. "Sure boss, here ya go."

"Thank ya." Johnny muttered, he looked at it and quickly aimed it at Jacky's head, shooting the gun and killing the mobster. Aerohawk widened his eyes in horror as he heard Jacky's body slam to the ground. Johnny was left with the other three mobsters staring down at Jacky in horror.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #6
"Real World Horrors, Real World Vigilante"

"You hear that, kid?" Johnny shouted as he dropped the gun on the ground. "You're playin' with the big kids now. Whatever bully got you upset this morning at school is nothin' compared to us!" Aerohawk lifted his hand and placed it against the wound on his chest where the bullet tore open his skin. He winced as his hand touched it.

'He's right.' Aerohawk thought to himself. 'I'm no longer fighting Cliff in the parking lot, I have to take this seriously if I wanna take down Romanello.' Taking his hand off of his chest, he continued to think. 'Then again, would Cliff even bother trying to shoot me? He probably would, I mean, he's Cliff.' Aerohawk shook off the thought and tried to take this seriously.

"If I'm new to playing with the big kids," Aerohawk shouted over the money stacks loud enough to get their attention, the rain was starting to spill from the sky now. "Then why do you guys need guns, you're dealing with a kid after all aren't you?"

One of the mobsters shrugged his shoulders and started talking to the others. "He's got a point boss, I don't wanna be known as a kid shooter around the city." Johnny rolled his eyes. "You do what you wanna do, just take him down."

The mobsters dropped their guns and kicked them off to the side, they grabbed hold of the stray pipes laying around on the ground ready for a fight. "Dumbasses." Aerohawk softly smirked as he stood up and looked at the mobsters. He kicked over the stacks of money, letting them fly in the wind. The vigilante rushed forward using the money as a distraction, he quickly disarmed one of the mobsters and smacked him upside the head with his pipe, knocking him out. The money dropped to the ground and the other mobsters quickly rushed at the vigilante with their pipes. One of them swung downwards towards Aerohawk's head, who held up his own pipe to block it.

Taking the chance, the second mobster swung his pipe and struck Aerohawk in the side of the stomach, knocking him off balance. The first mobster kicked Aerohawk in the chest, sending him skidding across the wet ground. Johnny took the chance to grab a gun off of the ground and aim it at the fight.

Aerohawk lifted his head to look at the two mobsters rushing towards him but he also noticed Johnny aiming the gun behind them. "Look out!" he shouted as Johnny fired the gun. Bullets hit one of the mobsters in the back of the head, he fell to the ground. The other mobster turned around and stared at Johnny, allowing for Aerohawk to quickly stand up and smack him in the side of the head with his pipe, leaving Aerohawk and Johnny alone in the fight.

"Ya think I'd be a mobster if I tried to keep things even?" Johnny asked as he started walking towards Aerohawk. "These dumbass bastards mighta given you a fair fight, but I'm here to kill you. You're not gonna get the money back." Johnny threatened.

"I'm not here for the stupid money." Aerohawk retorted, much to Johnny's surprise. "Oh, then what are you here for?" The mobster questioned as thunder erupted in the sky. "I'm here to kill Romero Romanello."

Johnny laughed and dropped the gun. "Really? You're funny, kid." He turned around, forgetting that the gun was left on the ground and started walking back towards the money that was scattered all around on the wet ground. "Why are you so mad at me for killin' these idiots if you're going to go kill the boss yourself, huh?"

"Because unlike you and these guys," Aerohawk started as he rushed for the gun that Johnny laughed. "Romanello is my enemy, not my ally." He aimed the gun at Johnny, who raised his hands. "Oh no, looks like you got me." the mobster sarcastically mocked the vigilante.

There was still one van left in the area. "Take me to where Romanello is, wherever the hotel where he and his friend ran off to, take me to it." He started walking towards Johnny with his finger on the trigger.

"And if I don't?" Johnny asked. A bullet shot past his head and hit the shipping container behind him. "Then I kill you before I kill him." Johnny was dumbfounded. "Alright, Alright, you win kid." he muttered as he lead Aerohawk to the remaining van. Leaving the unconscious mobsters in the shipping yard, the two got into the van and Johnny started up the engine.

Aerohawk was in the passenger seat, holding Johnny at gunpoint. 'I can't believe I'm doing this.' Aerohawk thought to himself. 'Maybe I'm losing too much blood so I'm probably thinking this is all a dream.' He could feel the cut on the side of his head starting to dry and crust up, but the wound on his chest was still running with warm blood.

"So.." Johnny muttered as he adjusted his fedora as he steered the steering wheel, the two were now on the roads, driving through the streets of the city towards the hotel where Romanello and Vincent ran off. "What's ya story kid?"

"Uh, what?" Aerohawk muttered, still aiming the gun at Johnny. The mobster spun the steering wheel and the two sharply turned a corner. "Listen, I know you're not actually Aerohawk, you're a newbie, a wannabe."

"Shut up." Aerohawk muttered. "I have a gun, don't try your games." Johnny laughed. "Right, as if you'd use it. Anyway, guy who originally took up the Aerohawk mantle, he was actually good at fighting and knew how to handle the mob. He and the boss go way back, even to when I was a boy, when this became my new hobby."

"You're saying, what exactly?" Aerohawk questioned. "I'm saying you're inexperienced." Johnny's attitude seemed to change, he wasn't the same goofy mobster from earlier at the shipping yard. "If you're gonna kill the boss. Ya gotta be good at actually killing, first."

Aerohawk's body jolted forward in his seat as the van came to a stop. "Down the block is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, it's an abandoned hotel where the boss and our mob hides out. I'm giving you the chance now." He turned his head and looked at the vigilante. "Kill me, and see if you're ready."

Instead of pulling the trigger, Aerohawk immediately got out of the van and onto the sidewalk. Crushing the barrel of the gun, he threw the gun into the seat where he was once sitting. "No." Aerohawk replied.

"No?" Johnny grimly replied. "You won't kill his right hand man, you have every opportunity right now, the original Aerohawk would've done it." Aerohawk shook his head. "No, he wouldn't have. Besides, you're not my enemy." Johnny seemed confused as the vigilante continued to speak. "When I was given the mantle of Aerohawk, I trained my ass off for weeks before I even decided to show up and jump across rooftops like I was Daredevil. Romanello has taken too many lives, and a large chunk of those lives were my loved ones. He's hurt too many people and has destroyed too many families to live another night. You aren't him"

Turning his head to look at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the end of the street, Aerohawk gave one last glance at Johnny. "You're free to go now, go get your friends back at the shipping yard and leave the city, your boss will be dead by the end of the night." Johnny scoffed as Aerohawk shut the van door. "You're gonna die kid!" He shouted through the rolled down window. "You're too inexperienced to take down a guy who has fifty years of experience!"

"Exactly my point, fifty years is too much." Aerohawk muttered to himself as he walked down the sidewalk towards the hotel. He knew he wasn't strong, he wasn't anything like his grandfather was. There's no way he could handle Romanello in a fight, his buddy Vincent, probably.

'I need to make Romanello tire, I have more energy than him. When he runs out of energy, it's the last thing he'll ever experience.' The vigilante muttered as he walked through the front doors of the abandoned hotel.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #7
"Point Of No Return"

'Walking into an old abandoned hotel shouldn't be too scary' Aerohawk thought to himself as he opened up the doors and stepped inside. The front entrance was very well lit, almost as if people were sleeping in this hotel, yet the Crowne Plaza Hotel had been shut down for years. 'If it's nice and bright in here, then why the hell am I so scared?' Aerohawk continued to think, he slowly moved his arms up to his side and softly crept through the front entrance, past the front desk.

'Oh, that's right, there's also a killer mob boss and his trusty sidekick guarding hundreds of dollars somewhere in here, and they're expecting me. Isn't this a walk in the park.' The teenage vigilante softly crept around a corner, peering down the well lit hallway. The lights on the walls illuminated the wallpaper that was stretched along on each side of the hallway, the wallpaper and the lights themselves looked like something from out of a 1970's horror movie.

It was oddly quiet, too quiet. 'Oh come on, I at least hoped there would be some noises, so I could know what to look out for.' Aerohawk kept creeping along through the hallways, keeping an eye out incase anything moved. He eventually made his way to the staircase that led all the way up to the rooft. "They wouldn't be on the roof, would they?" He muttered.

Walking cautiously through each hallway, slightly peaking through every single crack to see if he missed anything, Aerohawk eventually turned around a corner on the 5th floor of the hotel, he noticed a body laying at the end of the hallway, it wasn't moving. 'What is that?!' His mind freaked out as he softly jogged over to the body and turned it over, it was the body of Vincent.

'What's wrong with these people, how can they be a mob if they end up killing each other?' Aerohawk thought to himself as he looked at Vincent, red marks were around his neck indicating that someone strangled him, eight red dots were scattered around his neck as if something dug into them. Aerohawk's gaze quickly shifted to realize that Vincent's dead body was located in front of an halfway-open doorway, he pushed open the door and realized that there hundreds upon thousands of dollar bills scattered around the room.

'Well, two things checked off.' Aerohawk counted. 'Romanello's friend disposed of, check. Finding the money, check. Where's Romanello?' Little did Aerohawk know, a figure was staring at him at the far end of the hallway.

"Lawrence, is that you?" The figure spoke, nearly scaring Aerohawk half to death. "No, it can't be you." The figure was Romero Romanello, and he was walking towards the vigilante. Slowly.

"You're too small, too weak, who are you, you cliche poser." The mob boss spoke, he may have been a full 50 yards away from Aerohawk, yet he was still scary to be looking at in an enclosed space. Holding in his anger at being called a cliche poser, our hero realized that Romero truly did have four fingers, and that rings were placed on all of them. "Why did you kill your friend?" He shouted to Romanello.

"It was simple, he wanted the money, so he had to go." Romanello was getting closer as he spoke, Aerohawk tried to back up but backed up into the closed doors of an elevator. "If you were anything like my friend, Lawrence, you'd know that I kill people who get in my way." Aerohawk grit his teeth underneath his mask as he tapped the elevator button behind his back, Romanello was closing in, about 30 yards away now.

"I'm more like Lawrence than you'll ever know." Aerohawk replied, much to Romanello's amusement. "No, you're not." The mob boss threatened as the elevator doors opened. Aerohawk jumped backwards tapping the elevator buttons waiting for the doors to close, but Romanello burst off into a sprint towards him. 'Shit! For an old guy with a shit ton of muscles, he's quick as hell!' Aerohawk panicked as the doors closed.

Romanello quickly pried open the elevator doors, causing it to stop moving. Once he thrust them apart and looked inside, Aerohawk was no where in sight. He looked up and noticed one of the tiles in the elevator's roof being put back in place. Romanello smiled and jumped up, ramming his hand through the ceiling and grabbing Aerohawk's foot. He pulled the vigilante down onto the floor of the elevator as chunks of the ceiling fell down on top of him.

Coughing underneath his mask, Aerohawk opened his eyes as Romanello grabbed him by the throat. "You're too skinny to be Lawrence, too." He threw his arm back and tossed the vigilante onto the floor of the hallway. Struggling to pick himself up, Aerohawk felt Romanello's massive hands grab him by the shoulders and lift him up into the air. Before making a snarky comeback, the mob boss slammed the vigilante into the wall face first, quickly spinning around and slamming him into the other wall, smashing one of the lights and darkening that end of the hallway. Romanello slammed Aerohawk down onto the ground and he took the chance to roll away and get to his feet. His costume was slightly more torn from before and he could feel blood running down his arms, his legs, and his chest.

Aerohawk mustered the strength to try and sprint down the hallway away from Romanello, who in turn chased after the young vigilante. 'I could easily outrun this bastard.' Aerohawk thought, but then his eyes quickly narrowed as he remembered his mother's tears from several weeks ago, when she gave him the blessing to be the new vigilante in Detroit.

Stopping in his tracks, strength came back to Aerohawk and he quickly spun around, time seemed to slow down as the goliath of a man rushed up quickly. Throwing his fist up, Aerohawk managed to successfully uppercut Romanello in the jaw, causing blood to fly from the mob boss' mouth. This didn't stop him for long though. Quickly recoiling from the punch, Romanello smiled. "That's the Aerohawk I like to see."

Aerohawk gulped and decided now was the time for a witty comeback because he's a douchebag teenager like that. "Well, I see why they call you a mob boss now, you're too damn big for anyone to fight." Romanello's smile dropped as he lunged forward, grabbing onto the front of the vigilante's face. Aerohawk was able to peek his right eye in between Romanello's index finger and his ring finger due to his middle finger being gone. 'Gross.' He thought to himself as he stared at the scar where the finger used to be.

Romanello threw Aerohawk further down the hallway and the vigilante stood up, ready for more. "What ever..." He winced from the pain in his, everywhere. ".. happened to your fingers?" He asked, Romanello walked up and stood a whole foot taller than the teenager. "You happened."

Aerohawk seemed confused, but quickly realized that his grandfather was the one responsible for the loss of Romanello's fingers. Smirking behind his mask, Aerohawk continued to talk. "Lawrence sure did give you a run for his money huh?" Romanello scoffed as if he was annoyed and then punched Aerohawk in the face, sending him flying into a light on the wall. "ARGH!" Aerohawk shouted as the glass shards shattered into his back, he fell to the ground as Romanello walked over to him.

Grabbing onto the top of Aerohawk's mask, Romanello gave a yank and unmasked Aerohawk right there. Konrad widened his eyes as he lifted his bloody face to stare at the mob boss in his eyes. Instead of continuing to fight, Romanello dropped the mask and sat there staring at Konrad.

"Konrad?" Romanello asked, much to the teenager's surprise.
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The Phenomenal Aerohawk #8
"Konrad Kennedy vs. Romero Romanello, End of the Line?"

"You know my name?" Konrad asked as he looked up at Romanello, who gave a nod. "You're Cadence's kid, aren't you?" Konrad got angry when Romanello mentioned his mother's name, but he nodded anyway. "Oh no, no no no." Romanello muttered as he backed up into the wall. "Why does your family always have to haunt me?"

"What?" Konrad asked, he placed his hand on the wall he was sitting against and slowly lifted himself up as blood dripped onto the ground. "Your grandfather, his family, your mother, your father, everyone in your family just has to haunt me don't they?" Romanello seemed to lose his cool. "Calm down, my family isn't here, it's just you and me." Konrad wanted to continue the fight.

"Oh, fuck you." Romanello retorted in an Italian accent. "Well, excuse me then." Konrad gave sass. "I didn't wanna have to use this, but it seems like I'll have to." Romanello reached in his suit pocket and pulled out a small pistol. Konrad acted quickly and slapped it out of his hand onto the ground, following with a punch to Romanello's throat.

"Not today, bucko!" Konrad shouted as he lifted his fists, ready to fight. "What happened to all of your energy, did seeing my face make you a pussy?" Konrad backed up, preparing for the worst. Romanello lunged forward and tackled Konrad into a wall, knocking the wind out of him for a split second.

"Quiet, you brat!" the mob boss shouted. Konrad smacked his forehead into Romanello's nose, knocking the huge man off of him and allowing him to roll to his feet. Romanello's nose started to bleed along with Konrad's forehead as the two men stared each other down.

"I killed you once before, I'll do it again." Romanello muttered. Konrad shook his head. "This isn't you fighting Aerohawk." He lunged forward and threw a punch, which Romanello swiftly dodged. "This is Konrad Kennedy vs. Romero Romanello, mano a mano." Konrad motioned for the mobster to rush forward and attack.

Romanello rushed forward and threw a swift kick into Konrad's stomach, sending him flying down the hallway, the mob boss quickly rushed forward to deliver a finishing kick, but Konrad quickly caught the kick with his fist. Flexing his muscles and stressing his strength, he pushed up and threw Romanello onto the ground.

"You've caused too much stress in my life, Romanello!" Konrad shouted down as he lifted his foot and slammed it onto the mobster's chest, where his heart was located. "You've killed my grandpa, my grandma, my father, and my little sister." He pressed his foot down harder onto Romanello's heart. "And the worst part, you make my mother cry every time your name is mentioned in the news, I'll make sure you die, right here! Right now!" Romanello quickly grabbed Konrad's ankle and threw him off of him. Konrad slammed into a nearby wall, his head smacked into it as well, causing his vision to go blurry.

Romanello threw a punch and socked Konrad in the jaw. 'Here we go again, that felt just like the punch that Cliff threw in the parking lot.' Konrad thought to himself as he was sent sprawling onto the floor. His vision came back and he noticed the small pistol from earlier on the far end of the hallway. He quickly crawled forward, escaping from Romanello and the chase was on.

Approaching the gun, Konrad lunged forward and quickly shifted around, sliding on the ground until his back was against the wall at the end of the hallway with a window above his head. He aimed the gun at Romanello who stopped in his tracks and lifted his hands up into the sky. "Please, don't kill me. I have kids." Romanello pleaded with the hero. "So did Lawrence." Konrad retorted, he placed his finger on the trigger and was about to shoot when the window above his head smashed causing him to drop the gun. A figure grabbed the gun and then Konrad, then pulled him into a nearby room.

"What the fuck?!" Konrad shouted in the dark room as the light turned on, a woman in a yellow mask and a black ninja outfit was standing above him. "Who the hell are you?" Konrad shouted as he got to his feet, he ran past the woman and into the hallway, Romanello was gone.

Turning around and staring at the girl, he was enraged. "You made me miss my chance, I was gonna kill him!" The woman turned around and slapped him, causing him to shut up. "Shut up and come with me, Konrad." Konrad was surprised that the woman knew his name, he was about to continue swearing at her but she quickly lunged forward and slammed her hand into a pressure point on his neck. Konrad blacked out and fell into her arms. Slinging the vigilante over her shoulder, the girl walked into the hallway and jumped out of the window she came in from.

The two then disappeared into the night.
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Becoming the Aerohawk (Issues #1 - #8)
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