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 Introduction to "Aerohawk"

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PostSubject: Introduction to "Aerohawk"   Introduction to "Aerohawk" I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2015 4:18 pm

Origin Story
Konrad Kennedy is an anti-social student in high school, who has problems when it comes to making friends or getting dates to anything. He is typically the main target of Cliff Augustine, the bully at Konrad's school. Life was going steady for Konrad as he stayed to himself and didn't interact with anyone until one day when his father, Clifford, and younger sister, Allison, were killed by Romero Romanello's mob in downtown Detroit. Konrad was left as the single child of his widowed mother and the two live together in downtown Detroit with the constant worry of Romero Romanello returning to finish taking out their family.

One day however, after getting into a fight with Cliff Augustine in the parking lot of his school, Konrad returned home to wash up his wounds where he stumbled upon a key in his bathroom drawer. The key lead to the attic that Konrad never knew his family had. Deciding to figure out what was inside of this attic, Konrad managed to make his way into the dusty area over his home. (Writing)

Full Name: Konrad Kennedy
Aliases: Aerohawk
Nicknames: Mr. Kennedy, Konny, Kon Man, Bird-Boy, Wannabe Hero, Newbie, Worthy One
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
First Appearance: Undertone Comics - "The Phenomenal Aerohawk" Issue #1
Alignment: Good

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Human
Height: 5'9 // 175 cm
Weight: 178 lbs // 80 kg
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Hair Color: Brunette

Social Life
Occupation: Senior in High School, Vigilante, Part-Time Warehouse Packaging Handler, Car Washer for Turboshot (Short Lived)
Base: Detroit, Michigan
Love Interests: Clarity Cullens, Amber Cooper
Relatives: Lawrence Samson (Grandfather, deceased), Elinor Samson (Grandmother, deceased), Clifford Kennedy (Father, deceased), Cadence Samson Kennedy (Mother), Allison "Allie" Kennedy (Younger Sister, deceased), Thomas "Tommy" Samson (Uncle), Samantha Didi-Octavia (Older Sister-like Figure), Gregory Flynn (Father Figure), Teresa "Terry" Flynn (Younger Sister-like Figure)
Likes: Helping People, Talking and thinking to himself, Solving mysteries
Dislikes: Crime, Being called cliche, Bullies, Hospitals, Sickness, Amber's sass, Star Trek

Heroic Life
Partner: Sabre Sam (On Occasion), Turboshot (On Occasion)
Heroic Affiliations: Defenders of Detroit, The Vindicators
Four Fingers (Romero Romanello)
Romanello Mob (Group)
Big Boss (Baxter Caldwell)
Bio-Countess (Nicollete Patrickson)
Red Moon (Deacon Moon)
Fortuneia (Cindy Mathys)
Red Moon Gang (Group)
Spectre (Randolph Foster)
Mistress Cleaver (Alexis 'Lexi' Pennington)

Powers: No powers.
Abilities: Enhanced reflexes, possesses a photographic memory, increased knowledge on multiple forms of martial arts, and was born with a high tolerance for pain.
Equipment: One escrima stick attached to his back and one police baton holstered to his leg.

Introduction to "Aerohawk" LxkPBzd
(Konrad Kennedy, Vigilante Outfit w/out Mask, Vigilante Outfit w/ Mask, Aerohawk, Aerohawk Unmasked)

Personality: Has an indomitable sense of justice, Confident, Bold, Ambitious, Cocky, Immature at times, Sarcastic, Humorous at times, Playful, Free-Spirited, Dauntless, Serious at times

Intelligence: 71/100
Strength: 38/100
Speed: 45/100
Durability: 56/100
Power: 36/100
Combat: 96/100

Overall Rating: 342/600
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Introduction to "Aerohawk"
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